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  1. Xanerino

    Turns out I may have brain cancer...

    thats just life
  2. Xanerino

    Turns out I may have brain cancer...

    wow that's very pessimistic and depressive. I hope you can live through this horrible event in your life and come out a stronger person!!
  3. Xanerino

    Guys, quick question.

    in the channel #bot
  4. Xanerino

    Guys, quick question.

    Join the discord server with this link and type wln!p steamid
  5. Xanerino

    Hej I’m back

    Welcome back, glad to hear things are better for you
  6. Xanerino


    You were banned directly through sourcebans, as a result of the linked report.
  7. Xanerino

    Rate the music above you

    8/10 Nice beat and vocals are mostly good
  8. Xanerino

    Auto Bunnyhopping

    Did you equip it? Go back to the auto bunnyhop in the shop if you haven't already, and the option will be there.
  9. Xanerino

    Declined FluxyLynx's CS Staff Application

    Trying to cover up your own previous mishaps by claiming they are false accusations, then saying 'well he and he did this and that' doesn't take away from the facts. I don't think I need to repeat what was said on your previous application. Absolutely not.
  10. Xanerino

    Rate the music above you

    9/10 Very enjoyable
  11. Xanerino

    Declined Fiber's Admin Application

    No experience, previous bans and under the age requirement. Bans for racism and VIP abuse are a red flag for me to be honest, as if you were abusing just your VIP powers twice who knows what you will do with elevated permissions. Additionally, a staff member with a previous ban for racism...
  12. Xanerino

    Declined Appeal for discord

    Advertising is not tolerated, even as a joke.
  13. Xanerino

    Declined my staff application

    This application is, quite frankly, very poor. Added to that, you have no prior experience and nothing about you really stands out. Your chat logs also contain instances of insulting other users, such as: https://i.imgur.com/MRJckXF.png Suffice to say, I'll be giving a no.
  14. Xanerino

    Declined Admin Application | Jellal

    I'd be more than happy to see you on the staff team after reading this application and your response to the criticism 8 has brought forward. Yes.
  15. Xanerino

    Declined Moxxy's Application (Tasuna)

    This is a very low effort application. Coupled with your past issues I see no reason you should be accepted. No.
  16. Xanerino

    My name DashWiz

    Welcome to the forums
  17. Xanerino

    Declined Admin app #1

    Your prior experience is enough for me to give a no. However, your application is also poor. It's unclear at what times you're available. You're only active on uk jb and orange, which in my opinion aren't in dire need of new admins. You're also fairly new here. No.
  18. Xanerino

    What Does Everyone Main?

    I main the civilian
  19. Xanerino

    What's the stupidest thing you've heard someone say in Jailbreak/ in a WL server

    >be warden >first order: "Go to the blue line in front of cells" >Whole server: ITS OUT OF CELL REBEL DAY DON'T GO!!!!!" >Me: There's no days, go or you die >Whole server: Warden can't lie, don't go guys >They all just sit in cells >All killed >"FREEKILLER!" >???????
  20. Xanerino

    Rate the music above you

    9/10 A classic.