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  1. <2F F> Captain Maxxy

    I want to be a kool kid

    If you like the community you should play on our servers a lot, talk with people on our discord and spend time with other people in the community for a good amount of time and then and only then can you start thinking about applying if you want to help the community out. Staff isn't there just...
  2. <2F F> Captain Maxxy

    Declined Vanille's Moderator Application

    A lot of minor negatives pulls this app down a lot, that and the recent events leads me to vote no. -1
  3. <2F F> Captain Maxxy

    Pending the_man's Staff Application

    While I think you may be an ok applicant theres too much small things that push it down in my opinion, I didn't really hear of you until just recently and while that might just be me, you need to be a bit more active on forums and a lot more active on discord for me to vote yes. I think being...
  4. <2F F> Captain Maxxy

    Count to One Million

    Someone please stop this and set it as accepted as the 1,000,000 challenge is done :blobnomcookie:
  5. <2F F> Captain Maxxy

    Jailbreak Ruling

    As much as you say the rule means "afk only when asking" the rule says the opposite, The rule clearly says that you are supposed to be afk until repeat is finished, hence the "remain afk for that repeat". which means unless the rules on forums are changed that should apply.
  6. <2F F> Captain Maxxy

    New Trails Suggestions

  7. <2F F> Captain Maxxy

    New Trails Suggestions

    My suggestion is Blobnomcookie trail! best trail ever
  8. <2F F> Captain Maxxy

    New Trails Suggestions

    Post all trail suggestions here!!! especially vex Post image & name
  9. <2F F> Captain Maxxy

    Roach - Hey there!

    Heya! Welcome ^w^ :blobnomcookie:
  10. <2F F> Captain Maxxy


    Hello! Welcome to wonderland ya newbie! Hope you have a nice time getting bullied C:
  11. <2F F> Captain Maxxy

    ok just a little gay, so is ok. This one hella good man.

    ok just a little gay, so is ok. This one hella good man.
  12. <2F F> Captain Maxxy

    This boy gay af and you should stay as far away from him as possible so he doesn't drag you into...

    This boy gay af and you should stay as far away from him as possible so he doesn't drag you into his gayness ;c
  13. <2F F> Captain Maxxy

    First word

    Cookie! :blobnomcookie:
  14. <2F F> Captain Maxxy

    Hai, I am semi new

    Hello! Nice to see that Xypher can get some help. A bit annoying to do everything yourself i guess. Welcome nonetheless! ^w^
  15. <2F F> Captain Maxxy

    Hej I’m back

    Welcome back! I didn't really know you before but.. Its nice that you've made your way back anyway! ^_^
  16. <2F F> Captain Maxxy


    I'd like to mention that VIPs are NOT admins with less power. In fact they should avoid using their powers as much as they can because of that reason. Sometimes it just has to be done. VIPs powers are an absolute last resort. :catbox:
  17. <2F F> Captain Maxxy

    Hey Everyone ^^

    Hiya!~ ^_^
  18. <2F F> Captain Maxxy

    New to the forums, hello!

    Heya~ Welcome to the land of wonders! ^_^
  19. <2F F> Captain Maxxy


    Hiya!~ Welcome! ^_^
  20. <2F F> Captain Maxxy

    Good questions for jeopardy

    @demon While this looks pretty good, it probably needs a ton of more questions tbh. though might be hard to come up with more. do you have anything that says the answers? Because thats kinda important in case warden doesn't know the answer. Edit: oh i see that some questions have teamchat...