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  1. Eight

    How do you feel about tattoos?

    I don't have any plans to get a tattoo. With tattoos, you have to keep in mind you're going to have them on you for the rest of your life, so as @Ra Ra RasPOOTIS said, I'd be best to get a tattoo of something really significant to you. You don't want to get like a Pokémon tattoo now and keep it...
  2. Eight

    What time zones do you guys live in?

    Mine is also EST (though I sometimes wish it was PST, I've liked the time change when I've vacationed in California).
  3. Eight

    How many hours do you guys have on tf2 and when did you start playing it?

    Been so many threads like this lol. Started in 2012, most likely July. I have 4,109 hours as of now.
  4. Eight

    Appeal Ban Appeal

    My whole point is that, even if it was by accident, your two avoiding punishment bans are both legitimate. The alt that you got banned on. Still doesn't really answer my question of why you aren't just playing CS:GO on the "Daquan" account, instead using an alt to "smurf," could you give me a...
  5. Eight

    Declined Unban appeal?

    *EDIT* - Misread your reply as a joke-post, however my point still stands. I've decided to not unban. Various connections between the banned accounts (all have membership in groups associated with cheaters such as https://steamcommunity.com/groups/PootisGangV2 &...
  6. Eight

    Appeal Ban Appeal

    As I said, I didn't find it completely unbelievable, it just looks like a really elaborate excuse in my eyes. I am curious about one thing though: Why are you smurfing on the alt if your main has no hours in CS:GO anyway? Couldn't you just play on your main account? I'd also like you to...
  7. Eight

    Invalid Ban Appeal from an abusive Admin

    Closed. As a side note though I can at least understand why you thought it was a freekill, since Raspootis said you didn't need to face the back cell wall, but didn't specify that wasn't permission to change where you were facing. Of course though, as I said before, that doesn't justify your...
  8. Eight

    Appeal I Have Banned for ''Duplicate Accounts''

    You were banned for avoiding another ban on your IP. This other ban was on this account (https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198851902558) and was for aimbot. Do keep in mind that this ban was only 2 hours before you got banned, so with that in mind I'm inclined to believe it's an alt of...
  9. Eight

    I want to get back into map designs for TF2

    Do you have a "portfolio" of some sort? Or somewhere I can see past maps you've made?
  10. Eight

    Korum is back again.

    Welcome (back)! We switched our forums to Xenforo from IPS a looong while ago, but back then the forums got completely reset so that's how you lost your account.
  11. Eight

    Invalid Ban Appeal from an abusive Admin

    I should also mention that your ban has already expired, however I'll leave this open in case the admin himself wants to respond & so this is resolved by the proper sources.
  12. Eight

    Invalid Ban Appeal from an abusive Admin

    Around the time of your ban I only see one gag which was an hour gag for Ghosting. While I customarily warn before gagging for that, it is a justified punishment that technically wouldn't require a warning anyway. Well if you violated the warden's orders your KOS. Even if he wanted to give the...
  13. Eight

    Declined are you serious?

    Appeal denied.
  14. Eight

    Trade Server Administration Suggestion

    Are you talking about our trade servers in general or a select few?
  15. Eight

    *looks at newest member* Yare yare daze...

    *looks at newest member* Yare yare daze...
  16. Eight

    Say "in bed rn" a lot.

    Say "in bed rn" a lot.
  17. Eight

    Invalid The automatic mass-freekill ban

    Staff can pardon you if you contact them to come in-game quickly. However, whether in-game after being pardoned or on an appeal of the ban, please explain in detail the circumstances of the ban (I.e your orders and why you killed people) so we can determine the legitimacy of the mark. *EDIT* -...
  18. Eight

    Report NSFW Spray

    I've banned heavy-weapon and Vanilla. I haven't banned Insane Prohet however as his spray is fine, and I haven't banned Magic-HandS nor Coloniser as I'm unsure who sprayed what, and the spray tracker can be faulty when multiple sprays are close together/on top of each-other. MOJITO I haven't...
  19. Eight

    Resolved SwigSwoog freekilling as warden, and also lying

    User has been guardbanned. Thanks for your report!
  20. Eight

    Declined Ban Appeal for "Phoenix"

    Appeal denied as per request.