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    Appeal Banned for [!!!] Duplicate Account ? what even is that

    If you didn't hack on wonderland you wouldn't have gotten banned for hacking.
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    Appeal Banned for [!!!] Duplicate Account ? what even is that

    This is definently a case of hacking, you were banned for aimbot 7.1.2019 then on the 9th you got a VAC ban (this all on the alt) then on the 12th you were banned on main for duplicate account.
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    Appeal Banned for [!!!] Duplicate Account ? what even is that

    You were banned for cheating on this account (, then you joined with another account and now that too is banned.
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    Invalid Appeal: Unknown.

    Duplicate appeal. Closed
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    Invalid Ban appeal

    You were teambanned for freekilling it seems however this teamban has expired. Closed
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    Invalid Ban appeal

    Theres no registered teamban on your linked account, was there a vote before the teamban?
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    Invalid Appeal for a ban.

    You didn't give us your steam profile or banlink as is stated on the appeal form but the voteban you are talking about has most likely expired already, if it was not a voteban and you are still banned feel free to make another appeal but make sure to add the steam ID as well. Closed
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    Invalid I got banned for reporting a player who was spamming mic?

    You reported someone for micspam and when the admin came on he was not micspamming, he asked you three times, (assuming in PM) without getting a response from you and therefore concluded it was a false call.
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    Invalid No ban reasson on WonderLand by an user

    Ban expired and voteban will be resolved soon Closed
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    Appeal Appeal :: Vladimir Po0tis

    Sorry for responding so late, if its still an issue accept my friend request and we'll find a time to sort it out on servers.
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    Invalid Banned for beating someone at a demoknight duel

    Ban has expired, I will look into the voteban. Closed
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    Declined Appeal :: Psyighツ

    Being unresponsive will result in denial of your appeal.
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    Declined "Duplicate Account" Banned

    This story does not add up as the IP is yours and yours only, even if there was some "unlikely error" the chance of that error happening and you get matched up with the same IP as a cheater that happens to be on wonderland at the same exact time is way too low. Appeal declined
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    Declined Appeal :: StumpGod

    The only teamban you have on record was made a long time ago and has expired, are you still teambanned on our servers?