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    I am leaving

    I kinda know what you mean, I have a slightly different problem. Sometimes I wish to just leave tech, social media, gaming etc. as a whole. But I can't. I have so many friends that I cannot leave them for the longterm. I'm basically kinda addicted to chatting with everyone I know. I know that it...
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    How do I scare kids asking for candy on halloween?

    take them into your basement, keep them there for 2 hours and then say "haha tricked"
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    Accepted Discord Unban

    1.) Discord username with discriminator: Alinek#3642 2.) What happened? Honestly? I don't remember. All I remember is that things were kind of dramatic for me when I was banned. Everything escalated quickly. But I don't remember what for now. Sorry. I can slightly remember being pretty toxic at...
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    What would you do this summer?

    i planned a lot of aquaparks and water. i guess not anymore. we'll see how it turns out
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    Who are your top 3 staff members?

    there are staff members that i have better opinion of than the rest, but i definitely cant say i have a favorite. i treat and think of them all equally.
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    Accepted Alinek's first isolation appeal

    1.) Discord username with discriminator: Alinek#3642 2.) What happened? posted an n word meme 3.) Why should we unisolate you? I got deep into my "memez" mood, which means I post many memes without thinking twice about them. I obviously didn't fully realize my mistake until I got isolated. I'd...
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    congrats on mod :trump:

    congrats on mod :trump:
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    Declined Ban Cell Wars

    no. i like making people angry when always winning as heavy against a sniper
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    # of animes watched

    only the first 12 episodes or so of pokemon. anime is for heretics! >:O
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    TF2 What should be added to TF2?

    my dream has always been a medigun that has more overheal than 50% of the character's health. for example, reduce the healing speed but increase the overheal. i have no idea what the uber would be, but i just want an overhealer medigun.
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    *UNIQUE* stickyjumper and amputator

    looking for 2 items - unique stickyjumper and amputator. paying 1 scrap if you give both or i can give you some of my duplicate uniques. list of my dup uniques: primary: ambassador, huntsman, overdose secondary: pretty boy's pocket pistol, crit-a-cola, dalokohs bar, winger, manmelter...
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    What sauce do you eat with your cooked chicken?

    im allergic to food so i eat the sauce alone the tables have turned
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    What is it like being isolated at home?

    considering my trampoline (on my garden obviously) got busted and is now being reviewed by the store that sold me the thing, it's pretty boring lately. couldn't have been a worse time for it to break. now i can only dribble a ball around the garden. (if anyone knows something fun to do with a...
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    Do you prefer Public Transport or Private Transport?

    is walking considered private transport or public transport
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    Yo, while Discord's busted....

    Yo, while Discord's busted... just use Skype