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    Duck Hunt LR

    imo would be very fun on either red or blu +1
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    Declined New command

    kinky but no.
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    very sussin

    very sussin
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    thought bandddwageon

    cry about it!1!!!1
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    Meru's thoughts / opinion on you :)

    this is an opinionated platform and I like it
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    cat pic dump

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    Peace out

    thanks for handling one of my ban appeals, meant a lot, gl bro stay fresh
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    I do rod in pvp a lot, maybe i've been caught fishing...
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    Spoken like a true American

    Spoken like a true American
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    valid title

    did bring milk?
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    Declined Guardban appeal

    So, I was guardbanned for 1440 minutes and i've served 713/1440. I feel like I did do something wrong but I can explain. So I did do an illegal trick order and lead to a minor MFK. I was told by not an admin but a JB regular that days over ride days. I believed him and did a "trick order" of...
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    I have something to say.....

    im stating a fact
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    I have something to say.....

    basic b1tch pfp
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    kind of new

    finally ur here bubbles - retro
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    Something you should know about me going forth

    very cool