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    A New Challenger Approaches!

    did you say you live in west virginia? COUNTRY ROOAAAAADS TAKE ME HOOOOOOME TO THE PLAAAAAAACE I BELOOOOOONG Any ways welcome
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    Yese I to injoy owonderlnd sirvers
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    G'Day mate
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    hey i am new soo pls dont hate me

    Hi and welcome to the forums!
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    Declined Vladdleco's Application

    *Edit above*
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    Hello everyone, im (not that much) new

    Hello and welcome!
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    hi im new :3

    Hi and welcome!
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    Declined Vladdleco's Application

    Sure, why not. Most issues have already been addressed so I have nothing else to bring up. After seeing the amount of total time you have on the game, I think I'm reconsidering a no vote.
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    Remove pyro nerf

    Yes/no I'm with maxxy on this, I believe that pyro is incredibly weak in terms of being able to be an effective guard and even rebeller for that matter. I think that removing the ammo drain but keeping in the no afterburn will make him much better without him having that same MFK potential.
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    Resolved Constant Racial Slurs

    User has been dealt with (gagged/muted) Thank you for the report!
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    Declined Spixy's second application

    everything's pretty much stated No
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    Hello Fellow Gamers

    Heya there!
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    Hi I'm new and a weeb.

    Me and you, we're gunna get along just fine ;-)