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    Portal 3 online?

    Probably co-op. I don’t really know how a portal game would have deathmatch, but I know that co-op in portal 2 was really fun relatively successful, so it might be co-op. They also might add some stuff, but that’s even assuming they make a portal 3.
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    The Reserve Shooter is the best weapon in the game and you can't change my mind it's just a fact.

    Sorry, but I can name several better weapons: The pompson, brass beast, sun on a stick, sharpened volcano fragment, and many more that completely destroy the reserve pooper. I haven’t even mentioned the best weapon in the whole game, the t h i r d d e g r e e. Sorry Bucko, better luck next time.
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    Should I buy r6 ?

    Honestly, yes. It's really fun to play solo or with friends. I've kinda dropped it in a competitive way but still play casually and overall, great game. (btw highest rank diamond in para bellum (also for like 1 game, then dropped hard to plat 3 #feelsbadman))
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    How's everybody doing?

    I can't complain right now. Just playing some smash and stuff.
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    hi uwu

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    bad admins

    If that's not the epitome of irony, then I don't know what is. First off, making a post dissing people that are the very people that banned you is no way to reconcile what happened. You broke the rules, you were punished. Second, (I'm going to use the term "cheating" rather than hacking) not...
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    Pending Veteran's application

    Spam is quite annoying but everything else looks fine. Seen you in-game enough to get a sense of who you are. I'm willing to give you a shot. Yes.
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    Would you rather

    1. Chased by a dog 2. CSGO doesn't exist 3.A $5000 TF2 inventory 4. Level 200 on steam 5. Spy doesn't exist 6. Be a footballer 7. Scorching flames Killer exclusive 8. Be a Tiger 9. Be a successful youtuber 10. Black Panther
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    Maturity Levels in Jailbreak (Why so salty?)

    Mostly because Kids like to dominate less powerful players Jailbreak is just ERP with guns It's top tier strange farming They like the community servers, which in turn brings the people that like to push the kids around, even though they don't see it as a joke, things get real, and bam...
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    I'm Qro, happy to be back and proud to be apart of the community!

    Hi, I’ve seen you before. Enjoy the forums!
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    Should i start a "Jailbreak" Youtube Series?

    Do whatever you want to do, that’s the key to success on YouTube. If you want to make jb videos, go for it. Listen to your subs and stuff and just make sure that what you’ve produce is content that you like and you believe whoever watches it will like
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    Best way to cook an egg?

    Make em scrambled, get some cheese, throw them in between two bagel halves, and enjoy.
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    Gowther Goat sin of Lust

    Welcome to the forums!
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    Invalid Ban report

    We can't take action when we know no information of what happened, or who did it. This also isn't the correct format. If you want to use the forums to report someone, please go here and post a proper report: If you want...
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    hello i'm new to the website but not the game

    Hello welcome to forums friend!