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    Giveaway Weeb's Cosmetic Giveaway

    Alright, Kinda forgot about this but lets name some winners! 1st: Mom 2nd: Wreckless 3rd: Rampage 4th: Maxxy 5th: McDuck Congrats to all winners and all participants. To those who won, I will be individually messaging you for you to claim your prize.
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    Declined Socks' Staff Application

    Sorry but no. With how recent the logs are, I think that you need some time to mature and become aware that these players that you insult are those who you are supposed to help.
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    Pending Walnuts' Application

    I'll remain Neutral with a lean towards a yes. I see you actively helping others on both forums and discord which shows you are active in both settings. You seem relatively active in servers as well, which is nice. Your first connect was about 2 months ago, which is a little recent for making an...
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    Declined RazoR's Admin Application

    Sorry but no.
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    Giveaway Weeb's Cosmetic Giveaway

    Weeb here, back at it again with another giveaway. Just some cosmetics I don't really need/want, so I decided to give them away! So here's how to play: I want to shout out all those creative writers out there so we will be doing poems! Each person needs to write their own poem, however they...
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    If you unboxed an extremely rare unusual for your least favorite class, would you keep or sell?

    Probably sell it and buy either multi-class or specific class unusuals. I'm a fan of low tiers because they can look nice with my cosmetic loadouts. I think my most expensive unusual is no more than like 15 keys, but still goes well with my sets.
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    Your favorite game (aside from tf²)

    I've put a lot of time into R6 Siege (Made it to diamond this season :D, then got merked by everyone else). I also enjoy playing overwatch and paladins. And I don't mean to brag, but I'm a pretty good PUBG Mobile player :3
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    Declined Clouseau's Application.

    Sorry but no. While you have been playing on the servers for a while, you recently joined the forums which imo does not show me the consideration and dedication I would be looking for. That being said, you immediately applied as soon as your forum account was 2 weeks old. This shows a tad bit of...
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    What time zones do you guys live in?

    Est, best damn time zone there is
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    How many years have you played Tf2 for?

    I got TF2 around 4 years ago, so I've been playing pretty recently compared to others.
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    How do you feel about tattoos?

    I think that permanent tats suck, but those stick on unicorn tattoos are lit
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    Declined the_man's Staff Application

    While having prior experience to administrating, it is pretty clear that you aren't that active in the community. I have seen you a few times in game, which is nice and I even set aside the VAC ban. However, I noticed that you are not active in discord. To be frank, I haven't seen your name once...
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    just gunna leave this here...
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    High low!

    Welcome back
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    never said it, no proof

    never said it, no proof