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    Giveaway Giveaway

    hi thanks <3
  2. cena

    Coming back to community servers :)

    Are you a world champion boxer yet? Welcome matey!
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    Count to One Million

    don't u fucking dare shut this down now
  4. cena

    Count to One Million

    1,000,000 My whole life i've been waiting for this moment, i'm glad you guys gave me the honor to finish this off i wouldn't be here without you guys <3 <3. Yours Sincerely, ~ Some random fuckboy on the internet.
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    Got capslock stuck in finger :( Welcome
  6. cena

    Hello <3

    Welcome traveler!
  7. cena

    xypher appreciation thread for astolfo images

    We're going to hell
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    Think it's time to make an introduction ya?

    Alright, i'm not that good at making introductions but i'll try my best. So where am i from? Continent. Africa. Country? It has Pyramids. How did i come here? Well i originally found this place when Eight, Ray and demon left PBFortress to come here so thanks to them. What servers do i play...
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    Is the wonderland.tf discord working?

    Here buddy https://discord.gg/PT5qYkN
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    Joke contest

    Mr.Original here. A Mexican magician says he will disappear on the count of 3. He says "uno, dos..." poof. He disappeared without a tres.
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    Hello Peeople. I Guess

    Welcome martian also which bombings r u talking about
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    -> flapjack
  13. cena


    You can see it all here bruh https://wonderland.tf/threads/staff-list.4/ You can see what each of these roles are supposed to do as it says "Contact for x and x" etc (starting from "Moderator" at the bottom) someone else will probably go into detail of what each of these staff roles do since...
  14. cena

    Opinions on Steam beta

    I prefer the more simple steam chat system which could use a couple of improvements, they just changed everything and made it more complicated and broken apart from being a shitter version of discord.
  15. cena

    Is WLN.TF Accepting Applications For Moderators?

    There's only 1 format, when you apply you apply to become a Moderator, not Admin.