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    Why do you enjoy playing on wonderland servers?

    i like to use stickies on the guard team
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    traps are not gay

    traps are not gay
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    Improving Avatars (WLN Version)

    why are you even bumping if you just refuse to do it lol
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    Improving Avatars (WLN Version)

    my forums profile probably better i just give you the image
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    Lots o' Steam emotes + backgrounds

    give me, i have nothing
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    Are TF2 Unusual Hats That Cool?

    if you don't have an unusual you will die alone
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    Hey, again xD

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    Shoutouts Thread (or just nice notes to people)

    shouts outs to demon hes really dat guy he keeps it ttd
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    Favorite staff

    my favourite staff member is not eight because he is garbage. my favourite staff member however is demon he is good
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    invite level scout