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    Declined Admin Re-Application

    Which requirements ?
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    Declined Admin Re-Application

    Requirements: No VAC ban(s) on record | Info [ ? | ✔ ] Clean [+]SteamREP | Info [ ? | ✔] No registered bans on the community. (Depends on severity) | Info [ X| (Will explain in section 9) Member in our steam group | Info [ ? | ✔] At least 16+ years old (preferred 18+) [ ? | ✔] Team Fortress 2...
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    Declined Admin Application

    of those logs, they can expect to be declined or get a load of neutral votes. So keep that in mind. 1 I'm available 24/7 expect from Mo-Fri im available from 13:40 2 Basically i would get rid off those who glitch,bug,exploit,cheat/hack or delay the round and help the community to get rid of...
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    Accepted Remove 2 Deadrun Maps

    Hello, i want this map gone since there is 1 game breaking glitch which everyone abuses almost all the time It could be replaced with it says in the log that it was fixed but im not 100% sure so i tried to do it on it myself without success but others should...
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    Accepted Remove 2 Deadrun Maps

    Hello so 1st off people keep doing the exact same glitch where they get both behind motivator and able to kill killer so i'm tired of it 2nd off there is another spot to capture a point and i'd really like to get rid of this map and replace it with dr_office_final which doesnt have any of...
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    Resolved [Deathrun] Getting Behind Motivator

    images: SteamID / STEAM profile of the player: Player name: qke-qkiq Date of incident: 4.3.2018 Server name / IP: So...
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    Believe to be successful

    Believe to be successful
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    Fluent Steam Concept

    Check out my work on Fluent Steam it's only concept but i want to share it with you guys so i can know if you like it :D it wasnt fun making it but thanks for feedback and nice votes! If you have any suggestion,cons,pros then slap them into the comment
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    Resolved Broken Noisemaker Plugin (Only my side)

    Server IP/Gamemode: Any Server Date: 11.02.2018 Bug: Basically i tried to use !noisemaker but it says wait 2 seconds no matter when i tried it when i was alive and tried reconnecting it didnt help.