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    Most of the time i play on duel servers or trade plaza
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    How High Are You? (Height not 420)

    1.77 meters, 5.807087 foot or 69.685044 inch. edit:wait holy shit i just realized i am 69 inch tall this is perfect.
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    Q&A About Where we Live

    i am from georgia AND NO NOT FROM STATE OF AMERICA BUT COUNTRY GEORGIA IN EUROPE. there is 90% chance that you have no idea where my country is or who we are. basically its small country south east of europe under russia
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    What planet in the Solar System would you live on?

    if i cant watch anime and play pc on other planets then earth. but if there is internet connection in other planets then any of them would be fine as long i wont freeze to death or get cooked like fried chicken
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    What's your longest consecutive time you've spent on your PC? Tell me about it.

    about 14 hours as soon as i woke up i started playing for 14 hours, only used bathroom 2 times and ate once on my pc then when i went to sleep and couldn't sleep
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    hello there i am just a casual weeb