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    Command "!daily" Dosent work

    Please read this:
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    Appeal Guard Ban Appeal

    I'd like to check on your teamban in-game so I've added you on Steam to organize a time to do that. If I am unable to determine why you are teambanned, I will most likely unban you.
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    Appeal Ban Appeal

    Well evidently you were arguing with staff and being disrespectful here. I won't go on about how that is wrong as I'm sure you know better and frankly given this provocative and disrespectful behavior I'd be in favor of a ban, if it weren't for the PM situation that I'll touch upon in a bit...
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    Declined Ban Appeal

    The "it was my brother" excuse is unbelievable neither provable, furthermore there is nobody who has logged on your IP as "[mur]duke." Anyway, you were banned for avoiding a ban on this account for cheating:, this ban being on your IP. Given...
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    Invalid Mute appeal

    You were caught saying the n word over mic, and were subsequently muted by @<2F F> Captain Maxxy . Your mute has since expired, for the record any form of racism (racial slurs, variations on racial slurs, etc.) is disallowed, please watch your language next time as we won't be as tolerant on...
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    Resolved Hacker

    User is already banned by SMAC in-game. Thanks for reporting nonetheless, I'll look into some more minor rule-breaking in chat I saw.
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    Report Mass Freekiller

    Use for posting it.
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    Fix !jbrules command

    What we could do is have the command also paste the link to the JBrules in chat in case some people have HTML MOTDs disabled or something. Same thing for !rules too.
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    Declined Tf2 Bann Appeal

    Cheating is not tolerated under any circumstances, sorry but you will not be unbanned. Appeal denied.
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    Appeal Ban Appeal

    So do you want to continue appealing the ban or should I close this?
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    Declined Ban Appeal

    Appeal denied.
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    Appeal denied for wrong reasons

    Using alts isn't against the rules, unless you are avoiding punishments. However it's fairly logical that you shouldn't do this in the first place, in fact threatening to avoid via an alt/VPN will only incline us more to keep the ban in place. @RulerOfTheFae He is claiming he isn't cheating in...
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    Invalid Ban appeal

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    Declined Mute Appeal

    Racism (racial slurs, variants on slurs, etc.) is not tolerated under any circumstances. You can wait out the remainder of your day-long silence. Appeal denied.