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    Alexa play despaCHEETO XD

    Alexa play despaCHEETO XD
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    What should I add to the front?

    Less is more really. What you can do is do the infinite height trick for the artwork showcase. What I do is I have one right picture that is the same height as the left rather than the default of three small ones that end at around the half point of the big left picture. -...
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    Technical The Daily Points System

    Any ETA now on when !daily will be fixed or no? I'd imagine by now it's just been trashed to be honest.
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    Resolved Technical Issue :: I cannot turn into a human/ !zombie disabled problems

    Does this command operate fine on other Wonderland servers for you? It has worked fine for me when I have used it. This does seem reminiscent of the issue with !saxxy, where people were stuck with a Saxxy and couldn't access the command to change it back, needing to join the Steam group...
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    About Singapore trading servers

    I guarantee you a large majority of them don't read the rules anyway so any suggested change here would be largely meaningless, especially if you consider that if someone knew enough English to navigate to the rule section, they wouldn't need it. The servers are built around English-speaking...
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    Trade thread on forums

    I dont think there's enough legitimate trading on the community to meet a demand for a trading chat. Hell even trading servers are largely deathmatch.
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    Resolved Technical Issue :: Spies that are disguised show as being on their team

    User name: Eight Title for thread: Spies that are disguised show as being on their team 1.) Server name(s) / IP(s) / Gamemode(s) / Link(s): This isn't specific to any server or game-mode as far as I know since this happened on FL Trading and NY DM Duel for me today. Proof: *EDIT* -...
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    Jailbreak rulings discussion thread

    Unless I'm misinterpreting what you're saying, Walnuts was correct. If reds are disallowed from using mic and then told to do crouch day, that's a clear violation of the rule as reds can't use chat (crouch day) and can't use mic (muted/ordered not to).
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    Jailbreak rulings discussion thread

    The ruling provides good clarification that you can not give orders that would prohibit chat and mic usage simultaneously. There's nothing wrong with the language of the ruling either, the "and" specifies that you can not meet both of those clauses (crouch day and no mic usage) as warden...
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    LR suggestion

    Bump, seen this on other servers, I'd assume the LR recipient receives the privilege of being Saxton Hale and all the other players must fight him. Could be a fun LR, only downsides I can think of are that it would be a big change of pace from normal Jailbreak and that it would reset who is on...
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    Guard lock on Jailbreak

    Good idea, but they should be swapped to RED instead of Spectator, as being AFK is only an issue for users on BLU, not overall.
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    I don’t know if this has been suggested yet

    To my knowledge chat logs are mainly an admin privilege as they can be used between users to target eachother. Independent users don't have any need for other's chat-logs anyway, as staff are the ones who sort out rule-breaking caught in them. Neither should one worry about what's in their own...
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    To Do Fixing Server Tags

    Probably worthy to mention that there is another community called, thereby including Wonder as a server tag for us could easily cause more confusion than there already is. Although, that's not a large issue on it's own for me, the main issue with this is that server tags are tedious...
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    Abuseable RTD?

    What can be done is to just disable using the friendly command whilst an RTD effect is in usage, as the game does recognize when one is in effect, so shouldn't be extremely difficult to create conditions based on that. This wouldn't counteract exploiting Lucky Sandvich, although with that I...
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    man fuck greg

    man fuck greg