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    Declined Banned for avoiding punishment shortly after appeal

    Your current forum & Steam username being used on that account: Other name similarity: There's many other similarities with usernames, and in general similarities between the accounts. They also are all (including your current one) connected to eachother by various IP addresses.
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    Declined Banned for avoiding punishment shortly after appeal

    Well, for one: Second account used to ban evade: Your account:
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    Declined Banned for avoiding punishment shortly after appeal

    Hello, I'm the one who banned you, and as such I won't be handling this appeal. This is just an explanation of the ban. So, you got banned on this account for, "toxicity + homophobic slur." You then proceeded to avoid that ban on these two accounts: #1, #2. Since these bans are still active, I...
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    Accepted Ban Appeal

    Hello. Due to concerns among other staff about this appeal's verdict, senior-staff and I reviewed it. We have concluded that you indeed weren't cheating, and so have lifted your ban. We're sorry for the inconvenience due to our mistakes. Appeal accepted.
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    Declined StarOfSouls' Appeal

    You got banned because you pinged staff multiple times on the Discord server advertising a cheating group and saying slurs. I'm not sure why you didn't also get banned on the Discord for it. (Not handling this appeal.)
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    Invalid banned falsely

    This ban is for, not We have no affiliation with, and so you'll need to go their forums to appeal. Closed.
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    Accepted Banned for duplicate account

    While I have some suspicions, I ultimately don't think you can be proven to be the owner of those two accounts beyond a reasonable doubt. Therefore, I'll lift your ban. Appeal accepted.
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    I don't understand

    Just want to confirm before I move this to the proper subforum: did you mean for this to be more of a complaint, or are you looking to get unbanned?
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    Accepted Banned for duplicate account

    Hello, and thanks for your response. Just letting you know that I am still looking into this, and will give a verdict within 24 hours.
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    Accepted Discord Isolation

    It seems that you were isolated around a year and a half ago for posting NSFW emotes from another server. I'll lift your isolation now, but keep in mind that we have zero tolerance for NSFW content. Appeal accepted.
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    Declined New command

    Declined due to majority opposition.
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    Declined (New Gamemode) Sandman Dodgeball

    Declined due to majority opposition on Discord & lack of votes/mixed votes here.
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    Declined JB Suggestion (Guard Pyro)

    Declined due to majority opposition.
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    Declined make a tf2c custom weapons server, please

    Declined due to mixed votes which lean in opposition.
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    Declined Require thermal thruster to have ammo before use on Jb

    Declined; alternative suggestion implemented.