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    How long have you been playing CS:GO for?

    1800 hours. Worst time of my life and spent at the wrong game
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    Jailbreak Friendly Fire Glitch

    If ff is enabled after round is over it carries over to the next
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    Big dumdum :))

    Big dumdum :))
  4. Frussly

    Being a good Warden

    You’ve seen me be warden, and you know very well that I am really strict. I don’t pardon people unless it grants me the advantage. As mom said make them hate you, that’s how you gain their respect in the end.
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    How many years have you played Tf2 for?

    Since late 2011, where i got my first laptop
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    Have you ever been scammed?

    Quotes for notifications If both of you make a list of the weapons both of you are missing, (regular ones, not strange/killstreak ones) and pm the list, i'll give you both whatever you need
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    Have you ever been scammed?

    It shaped me to the person who i am. I'm perfectly fine they happened when i was so young, so i wont fall for it now, that i am old enough to have my own money and such
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    Have you ever been scammed?

    1. First was a Haunted Crones Dome, 6 years back. A guy i was playing with and chatting with on Skype, who i thought was a real friend, ended up saying some bullshit that we would get 6 keys if i just gave it, so he could sell it quickly. He removed me and blocked me. Now he have been offline...
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    Have you ever been scammed?

    8 times total
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    Hey, How'd You Get Your Username(s)?

    When I first started playing I was a BIG fan of sonic. Blue + speed and I was sold. I didn’t want the name sonic since it was uncool and unoriginal, so I went with Insane, which makes no sense but hey, it worked. Middle school came around and I wanted to change again. I found a chocolate bar...
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    One word: Attention
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    Should I try and get new friends by deleting old ones or just keep them?

    I delete people who haven’t been on in more than a month. If you mean something to me, you would’ve told me why. Also you don’t get “friends” by just adding random people. Gotta feel comfortable being with them/talking with them. Meet them in game have a good time, then you should add them, or...
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    Wants to help with Voice Acting

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    The most embarrassing moments you've ever had!

    Not that bad. Just dont wanna share the rest lmao
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    The most embarrassing moments you've ever had!

    Got punched to oblivion by some girl's girlfriend, because she thought i kissed her, which i clearly stated i didn't, and got knocked out by it. Interesting story yes, paramedics were less happy