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    Pending fwend's First Staff Application

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    Invalid Appealing for my unban

    You may retry with a legitimate appeal.
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    Accepted An appeal for my ban.

    Ill be unbanning you as they seemed as a joke, however i saw you did it before, and any repeat offenses of this will result in a unnappealable ban. Appeal Accepted.
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    Staff in Japan 2021!

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    Accepted guard banned for accidental mfk

    Seeing as I was on but not the one to have gaurdbanned I will be lifting. Be more careful next time. Appeal accepted
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    Declined Isolated for posting the wrong meme on accident.

    After seeing more stuff you've said while isolated I'm going to decline this appeal. You may re appeal in 4 weeks. Appeal declined
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    Accepted Appeal

    Not needed, I am going to trust your judgement on this considering i can't find anything else in regards to the ban. However please be more considerate on appeals as i see the hostile attitude. Appeal Accepted.
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    Accepted Appeal

    Console. Not an admin. Console the game literally banned you.
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    give me admin

    Very convincing
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    Fuck it

    38. Attractive women. 26. Happily taken to my gf
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    Accepted Appeal

    You were not banned by a staff but console tmk. Do you have anything to say to this?
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    Fuck it

    5-6 Aaron kid I've known since kinder and someone named georgie who I speak to very often online. Girl would be someone named Ez. 37. Uhhhhhh fucking my close friends ask me this shit all the time i respond simply. thighs. 44. When I was very young i used to pretend I was a dog.
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    Fuck it

    I'm tired and bored. Go for it. Yes I stole this off niki.
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    You know what will happen (:

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    Accepted Guardban appeal

    Seeing how your story links up and how it has happened before ill be removing your guardban Appeal Accepted 1623864489