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    Declined My application

    Yeah you're right, I should've just asked someone what to fix instead of applying just to see what's wrong.
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    Declined My application

    I was typing quickly because I have to go, also I did take this seriously. I wanted to see what I did wrong and fix it.
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    Declined My application

    Also wanna add that i will delete the screenshots if its a problem.
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    Declined My application

    Okay I was already sure I was gonna get declined just wanted to see where i failed and fix them. now to answer some questions. so the disco heavy and yoshi thing they're my friends and i just play around with them. Normally when i play for serious i dont actually get triggered that easily, yes...
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    New to Wonderland

    Of course first thing you do is dislike my post : P
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    Declined My application

    No VAC/Game ban(s) on record | Info [ ✔ ] Clean [+]SteamREP | [ ✔ ] No active bans on the community. | Info [ ✔ ] Member in our steam group | Info [ ✔ ] At least 16+ years old (preferred 18+) [ ✘ ] Team Fortress 2 playtime: 475+ hours [ ✔ ]...
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    Captain Maxxy

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    Hi, it's Sness!

    ;) ello
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    Im not gonna say its 100% the case but he seems to have joined not so long ago he started spamming posts that are just classic/stupid. Just enough that he would be able to apply and when he noticed he was gonna get declined he left. Nice.
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    Hats = Skills?

    So im just gonna say this guy was making many topics quickly so that he could apply and when he got declined he left? lol
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    Hi. I'm Quagsire.

    So ur gonna appeal lol? U wont get unbanned if you cheated you know. Its perma ban without appeal (i think)
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    Hi. I'm Quagsire.

    'ello there
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    Does anyone have any more of these weird poses with ragdolls?
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    Hey, Its KennySpag

    Welcome, thats alot of info.