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  • what happend to engi4life? he just dissapeared without a backstory
    No clue. He just went offline and never came back on. Didn't post a leave of absence or whatever. (He's not staff anymore.)
    I really liked the guy as staff, he was really active when he was, I really wish that he comes back to the staff team.
    Gordon freeman in the flesh... or rather in the Hazard suit, I took the liberty of relieving your weapons. Most of them were government property. As for your suit, I think you've earned it.
    Your app isnt bad. I like it just double check next time and give it more time. You'll get there.
    i believe in u
    make it to staff
    4 moi
    you can do it.
    show em who's bawss
    Thanks for the support Mario
    I really can't take my schoolmates anymore, they are stupid always direct stuff at random people, and I regret even going to this school
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    I regret leaving school...
    Make lots of friends. (specially the ladies, don't be afraid to talk)
    Friends are stupid but friendship is a treasure.

    (Yea, look at me giving lectures about making friends when I don't have any real-life friends lol)
    Shit, thats worse than my situation ;c
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