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    Declined Vladdleco's Application

    -1 After reviewing your logs, I understand your objective in those spams but they are not an efficient way of dealing with rule breaks as it might encourage them to do more. Your app overall is decent and informative which I like but the only faulty thing I find is the lack of hours you have in...
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    Declined Socks' Second Application

    +1 I have encountered you multiple times in game and each time you are able to follow the rules and warn those who break it. With everything being said above, I wish you the best of luck.
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    Change one letter

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    Declined Staff application

    You are missing 2 more requirements
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    Declined _3nvoy's Staff Application

    - 1 With everything been said but I also find your app lacking informatively. There is always time to improve so I hope to see some changes if you decide to apply again.
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    Xanerio I will miss u <3

    Xanerio I will miss u <3
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    Declined Sly's application

    -1 Everything has been stated above ^^^
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    I am now a adman :D

    I am now a adman :D
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    9 + 10 = 21... No wait....

    9 + 10 = 21... No wait....
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    How Is Your Sleep?

    My sleep schedule is f'd up and now its even worse during school :/
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    I am newbie

    Vex chill out man lol. Anyways, Welcome to the Community fam!
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    Declined RazoR's Admin Application

    -1 I've never encountered you in-game but reading through your logs, I find it ironic you despise rule breakers when you are one yourself.
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    Can someone be my friend

    Can someone be my friend
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    Declined c0ntriL Mod App

    Everything has been stated above -1