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    Ban the person above you

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    Ban the person above you

    banned for weed
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    Whats your favourite nut?

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    Whats your favourite nut?

    omg pls use edeit buton
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    Whats your favourite nut?

    i want that weed
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    Invalid French Guy Dosent Want to speak english.

    please use this template when reporting and provide evidence:
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    I want to get alot of things cleared up.

    Gonna give my own opinion on these If warden says "no detours or delays" but doesnt specify which line, reds should be allowed to go whatever blue line they want go as long as theyre not detouring or delaying when going to that line. The line is just one of the things warden should specify...
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    this or that?

    Bread, rice sukcc /wslay or enabling ff to kill blu
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    theyre so fucking large
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    wl shipping spectacular (REALLY GOOD THREAD!!!!)

    ok good thraed im gonna sleep and delete this thread as soon as i wake up PLS NO ONE ANGRY :(( oku x xypher x shadow x bappo xan x boshine x dog x sophia (#freemyboshine) maxxy x frussly x captain weeb vex x mattaroni mc_duck x tomato kat demon x frank x holly meth x chromo keith doesnt...
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    WTF HAPPY BIRTHDAY LUV :)))))))))))))))))))

    WTF HAPPY BIRTHDAY LUV :)))))))))))))))))))