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    Appeal Norfy's ban appeal

    their profile is set to friends only so il put a screenshot of their hours here: I was the one who issued the ban but after reviewing their hours i might have been wrong.
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    some advice would be nice

    Make this ur pfp
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    What childhood tv shows can you remember?

    I remember watching johnny test way too much
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    Have You Ever Eaten A Walnut

    i eat walnuts at least once a week theyre so good
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    Anyone play a Musical Instrument?

    been playing trumpet for about 6 years now
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    If you unboxed an extremely rare unusual for your least favorite class, would you keep or sell?

    sell since i really dont care for unusuals. id rather get stranges, killstreaks, australiums etc
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    What is your least favorite/played class and why?

    pyro definitely. not satisfying to play at all, i always end up using the shotgun/flaregun only with him since flamethrower just isnt fun.
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    SFM poster thread

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    SFM poster thread

    so i've been having fun in sfm and i wanted to make posters but i have no idea on what to make. i've only made one so far and its just my own scout loadout. its the result of me testing everything out for several hours so it's not that good, especially the face but im happy with how it turned...
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    How many years have you played Tf2 for?

    made an account in 2014 but i only really started playing during the invasion update in 2015, so 3 years
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    Funniest quote you have ever heared?

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    I NEED to know. . .

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    the default settings jfc
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    Another day. Another Angry Person

    good post