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    Best halloween item you got this year?

    oh, well I didnt get much other than this
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    Best halloween item you got this year?

    got an unusualifier on my second crate for the yeti punch and on my first crate got a mister bones
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    Selling Selling everything in my backpack

    yeah i cashed out for paypal. the thread can be taken down.
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    What was your oddest tf2 moment?

    Getting called a hacker for getting a 40 ks as sniper on dustbowl while wearing pyrovision goggles and a gibus with a mercenary badge.
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    Water brand?

    I only drink fiji 1570579394 Not all water tastes the same. I personally only drink fiji.
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    Selling Selling everything in my backpack Selling a unusual patriot peak for 130 keys pure, ts footprint bmoc for 16 keys pure, and alot more just check my backpack. Prices are negotiable.
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    Oreos' very unexpected giveaway (20 Euro Steam Card)

    oreos are decent.
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    Declined Lithium’s Ban Appeal

    Well I killed him because the warden said that he would die at 4, and that’s because there’s been so many new staff members since I last played I assumed it was a vip. Also he said free day and that he renamed us a bunch of times.
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    I need cosmetic suggestions for scout

    I don't know if you're still looking for loadouts, however here's my scout
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    Declined Lithium’s Ban Appeal

    Sorry about just getting to this been busy and didnt see the notification, however the evidence should be uploaded in the next hour or so. 1570061971
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    Whats your favorite desert?

    Mine would have to be Israel
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    Rate the clip above

    This thread is for submitting your best clips out of any video game. The clips then will be rated by the person commenting from a one to 10 scaling (1-10) Here's my clip:
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    How many hours on r6

    Hours don’t necessarily matter more or less how good you are. My kd is a 2.34 and my wl is a 8.0, also I’m plat 2
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    Welcome to wonderland. I also play r6 and csgo. My rank in csgo is LEM and my r6 rank is plat 2.