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    Invalid report on 2^3

    Seemingly you fail to understand what Eight is saying, so I'll just close this.
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    Invalid Geforce Now is a problem

    Double post. Closed.
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    Missing VIP

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    Missing VIP

    What kind of VIP did you get? Also could you possibly get me a screenshot or any other kind of evidence of you donating?
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    Accepted Unban me, there’s no evidence.

    Due to the insufficient amount of proof your ban will be revoked. We're sorry for the inconvenience. Request granted, ban lifted.
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    Invalid Just muted without even knowing there is a rule.

    You've only been muted for an hour, which has most likely passed already. Closed.
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    Declined I'm sorry.

    As I already told you yesterday, the punishment will remain in place. Your ban will expire shortly anyway. Closed.
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    Invalid Acht admin report.

    Considering the lack of proof, no further action will be taken and your punishment will remain in place. I might add that it is irrelevant what your intentions were concerning your message in-game. In the end you still violated the rules. Closed.
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    Declined Hello

    1. If your friend wishes to appeal a ban, they can do so themselves. 2. Usually bans are extended if the offender has previous offenses (= more bans on record). Appeal denied.
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    Accepted Um, Banned for no reason?

    Being unresponsive will result in the denial of your appeal.
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    Declined I am banned and I don't understand

    Appeal denied.
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    Accepted Discord unban

    Ban lifted.
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    Declined Unban appeal

    Appeal denied.
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    Declined Appeal :: Neme6

    Not only did you use your VIP perks to resize yourself as opposed to rtd effects, you purposely and repeatedly killed players despite being resized and using jetpack. On top of that you said you wanted to enter the opposing team's spawn which is not permitted either. Basically in 2.) you claim...