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    Declined Sly Copper 9821's Staff Application

    Application declined due to lack of 2 or more requirements.
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    Declined Appeal :: Neme6

    Not only did you use your VIP perks to resize yourself as opposed to rtd effects, you purposely and repeatedly killed players despite being resized and using jetpack. On top of that you said you wanted to enter the opposing team's spawn which is not permitted either. Basically in 2.) you claim...
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    Done. Closed.
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    Invalid Appeal :: APenInSpace

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    Declined Appeal :: Rico820

    Appeal denied. Cheating is not tolerated.
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    Invalid Appeal :: AAroy'SMeme

    You already have one appeal pending, don't create multiple threads concerning the same matter. Closed.
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    Declined "Duplicate Account" Banned

    These accounts are listed under your IP address: (permanently banned for advertising on the 28th of June)
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    Declined server appeal

    Someone not immediately replying to you doesn't justify insulting them. Appeal denied.
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    Invalid i was banned

    Your ban already expired. Closed.
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    Accidentally posted an unfinished thing!

    I removed your unfinished thread. Welcome!
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    Invalid Random Vote ban

    Your ban has expired. Closed.
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    Invalid Unfair Ban

    Your ban has expired. Closed.