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    holy kek

    holy kek
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    probably never lol no one wants me as staff, plus i'm inactive af :)

    probably never lol no one wants me as staff, plus i'm inactive af :)
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    Something happened to sillycat666...

    Oh no! It's so sad what happened to sillycat666! Click here for a chance to win a free BIG MAC and LARGE DRINK!
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    Declined Stud's second staff application

    Many of your statements in this application hold to be false. Solid -1.
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    Hey, How'd You Get Your Username(s)?

    I was really hungry one day and all I wanted to eat was this really good macaroni that my mother makes, and right when I was thinking "Man I could really go for some macaroni", someone yelled MATT across the lunchroom I was in, right in the middle of my thoughts lol "I could really go for some...
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    Declined FluxyLynx's CS Staff Application

    Your history speaks for itself, and I really do want to believe that you're going to change, but your replies in this thread still have an underlying, familiar theme. Disregarding everyone's replies on this thread (to make for an unbiased viewpoint from the application and your persona alone)...
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    Trivia above you.

    about 3 if you were killed by the last thing you ate, what was it?
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    LA servers

    Awesome, see you around then! :D
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    LA servers

    If you live in Pennsylvania (depending on what side, east or west), you're better off going on our IL (Illinois) or NY (New York) servers.
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    New to the forums <3

    Hey friend Welcome :blobsnuggle:
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    G'day all

    Hey, welcome!
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    Hello <3

    Welcome! <3 Lemme touch on a few things in your post: 1) We have a Minecraft server that you should definitely join; It's fully equipped w/ Factions, Semi-Vanilla Survival, and Plots (and more to come!) 2) It's always nice to find a fellow musician. It's funny that you play...
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    wb kid

    wb kid
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    My name DashWiz

    Glad to hear you're out of jail btw!