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    Declined Fluffys staff application

    Being active and playing much are two very different things, Walnuts. While they are not playing a lot, they do regularily (if what they say is true) and those number of hours are indeed enough for a staff member. Playing on one server, however, is a big minus. Being a staff member, you are...
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    Declined Spixy's second application

    I will argue that you absolutely need to use Discord actively to have higher chances of becoming a staff member. As of now, your activity is pretty low, be it discord or forum, and that's a pretty big concern to have. -1 for now good luck next time, make sure to be active!
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    Would You Kill A Friendly?

    yeah, most of the time
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    Declined c0ntriL Mod App

    This app really seems like a downgrade to your previous one. Especially in regards to 3rd question. However, you have expanded on the 9th question, which is nice. There seems to also be a shift in list of servers you want to administrate on, for better. However, your logs are pretty bad, to say...
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    Declined Sly's application

    You don't take your app seriously and neither will I. -1
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    Declined RazoR's Admin Application

    I don't think I've ever seen you in game. Your logs aren't too good-looking. And, as Eight had noticed, you aren't really active in our discord, forum. -1
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    Declined Socks' Staff Application

    I don't think you practice, what you preach. You are saying that you've been working hard the last few month improving on your behaviour and attitude. But those are all from August. How can we believe that you've changed, while not even a month ago you were using such vocabulary? Change isn't...
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    Remove 2 Deadrun Maps

    So, expanding on the previous statement, map dr_office_v2 should be removed from map rotation. It has an easter egg, which lets you teleport to the death's blu area (where the buttons are, etc) before getting to the end of the map. People doing this are able to kill death, while they are in the...
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    New lad.
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    Remove 2 Deadrun Maps

    While at it, remove office map. If an easter egg lets you kill death, it's a very bad map design. Remove it.
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    G,Day M8’s

    Good day, kind sir.
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    Ap-Sap or Snack Attack?

    One is annoying, but funny, the other one barks and wiggles in a comedic way. Both are reskins, so they are both the same as sapper. Pick whichever aesthetically pleases you the most.
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    Targeting is a very scummy thing to do. Even worse is when the said "bullying" evolves into ddossing someone.
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    Jailbreak rulings discussion thread

    From the jailbreak rules: I'm avocading for changing AFK to "all keyboard actions are forbidden, with the exception of chat and voice chat." Basically make include "no taunts" in "afk" originally, without having to say "no taunts" as an additional command. It's really just a suggestion to make...
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    Jailbreak rulings discussion thread

    Suggestion: Make all taunts afk. "Freeze" should be used as a command for covering non-movement actions, afk should be used for all standard keyboard actions. (NOTE: It should be added that some players may argue that they have some keyboard actions binded to some mouse button, in that case it...