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    big bean burrito arrival

    Welcome, you're a part of a big family now.
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    Declined R's application

    Howdy folks. No VAC/Game ban(s) on record | Info [ ✓ | Clean [+]SteamREP | Info | ✘ ] Was marked 2100 + days ago, haven't gotten to appeal it yet. I made an mistake and learnt from it. I can explain the case more in detail if interested. No active bans on the community. | Info [ ✓ | At least...
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    Selling Selling a scorching collection / buying burning ke.

    Howdy folks. Selling these 3 beautiful all-class scorching hats, all clean and with a short history. I'm in no hurry to sell them so I'm not going to sell them cheap. looking for pure/cash. on the side I'm also buying a clean burning flames ke. I can do cash/pure or trades. Any offers or...