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    TF2 is the HHHH worth crafting

    i crafted the HHHH a couple of days ago and it took a while to get all the materials so i was wondering if it was really worth going through that effort?
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    TF2 Is the Back Scatter any good?

    i personally do not like the backscatter because tf2 is very picky about being behind someone. another thing is that the backscatter has less ammo in a mag which could be bad in most fight scenarios so in my opinion you should just stay with the force of nature or scattergun
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    LR suggestion

    there should be a saxton hail mode LR in jailbreak
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    tf2 cool jailbreak suggestion

    no need there is always atleast one person doing it
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    Im new to the forums and am hoping to meet new people and maybe become an admin on the servers one day