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    I am New Too

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    What childhood tv shows can you remember?

    Transformers prime man
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    Australium GL + 2 Keys

    shoop de snoop
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    waddup (lol)
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    Waddup. I'm not even new i just wanted to get this off my bucket-list.

    I'm from a small town in east norway. :blobowo: I actually started playing time to time here in middle 2016, Most because i was a lone wolf and diden't stick to a community :P I usally play on surf/minecraft to trade plaza the most. I like playing games (duh) coding and programing. This is...
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    Have you ever been scammed?

    How did you fall for that?
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    Cracked Minecraft server?

    i bought it actually for just owning a server with like 10 daily players :b1:
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    Have you ever been scammed?

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    Have you ever been scammed?

    many tries, but bad ones.