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    Pending FatalDegree47's Admin Application

    Clean punishment history, active, and clean logs. I have no reason to not support you. +1
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    Pending Application #2

    I think you could have potential in the future, but not at the moment. -1
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    Fat Scout Shootout Tournament!!!!

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    Giving Away Two Unusuals

    I think it’s pretty wild he got into painting because of being in war
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    The GOAT returns.

    The GOAT returns.
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    Resolved NSFW Report

    SteamID / STEAM profile of the player: STEAM_0:0:496473097 ( Player name: Stoner63 Date of incident: 7/21/21 Server name / IP: NY Jailbreak Proof of evidence in form of:
  8. Profit Podcast!

    sounds cool
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    okay, im doing the cool ask me anything

    how are you so handsome
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    Hunger Games XIX: Castle Oats

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    Accepted my second time trying to get unbanned

    It has been quite some time since your punishments and your good behavior on Elysium is promising. I will lift your ban however, should you get banned again it will be permanent and unappealable.
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    Application for #monkey

    Appeal Decleaned. Wait 4 week. -1
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    Resolved Foreign language (R.)

    Players have been punished.
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    Resolved Microphone spam (R.)

    Apologies for the delay, player has been punished.
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    Accepted Got isolated for posting a meme on general (D E U S V U L T#9369)

    Since your isolation is only a day long, it isn’t too serious of an issue in my eyes. Please refrain from doing this after being warned in the future. Appeal Accepted