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    unknown ban

    Thread closed. Please make an appeal in the proper section following the proper template.
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    Appeal denied for wrong reasons

    That's implying that you either have f'ed up elsewhere or are planning to here. Also, disrespect as a whole is punishable in Wonderland, let alone (what I perceive) as disrespect of the owner won't get you very far. So far, your arguments have been nothing but calling our staff incompetent at...
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    Declined Socks' Staff Application

    -1 improve your ingame behavior and prove to us that you want to be staff and i might reconsider next month.
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    Pending Walnuts' Application

    You seem like a decent applicant from what I've seen. The only concern is with you being below the minimum age, you might have moments of immaturity but I dont see that happening. As far as your logs that were posted, it seems like you've learned from it and moved on. You are extremely active...
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    Resolved Racism in jailbreak

    User has been punished, thank you for your report.
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    Thread closed. Please make your appeal in the appeals section following the correct template.
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    Remove 2 Deadrun Maps

    We have talked about removing dr_minecraft for a long time now an I am a BIG +1 of that. Whenever I handle reports on the DR server, probably 75% of the time it's on dr_minecraft for exploiting and I would support either patching it to mitigate the exploit or just flat out removing it from the...
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    Pending RazoR's Admin Application

    -1. The only times I recall seeing you have been when I was handling reports on the trade servers and I've had to warn you a few times against spam/toxicity. If you change I might change my vote but it'll be a long shot for me.
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    Invalid help

    I banned you for using a variation of a racial slur after I warned you and the whole server. As far as the guy spamming, when I said to stop spamming, therefore they did not receive punishment.
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    Trade Server Administration Suggestion

    I spend more time on trade servers than any other type combined.
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    Invalid Ban Appeal from an abusive Admin

    I gave a warning to the whole server prior to banning you not to be disrespectful but you apparently didnt take heed to my warning. As far as killing you, my orders were "afk/afm on the yellow line." When you got to the line, you asked if you still had to face back cell walls to which I replied...
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    Resolved Report against Vanille

    What is the reason for this report?
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    Invalid Spammer in Voice Chat

    Do you have a recording or any type of proof of it?
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    Cracked Minecraft server?

    I do not condone pirating at all and suggest if you really want to play it, save up and actually buy it