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    well... Welcome back!
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    Hi y'all

    Hi there!
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    Suggest me an anime to watch

    Ok, Here are some of the good ones I've watched Fairy Tail Bleach Charlotte (One of my most favs) Death Parade Kiseijuu (Parasyte) Noragami Steins;Gate (one of my most favs) 91 Days (Drama) My(Boku no) Hero Academia Read the plot (On Wiki), if you find it interesting, watch it.
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    Hello :3
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    Server suggestions

    SG- Surf Arena (24/7)/Surf (In general)
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    New in town!

    Welcome to! hope ur having fun on both the forums and servers!
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    New Class Wars servers

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    Count to One Million

    Why are we still here... Just to suffer?
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    True or False questions brainstorming

    Well, the more you know! (I thought she was just the CEO of Gray Gravel Co. . . )
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    True or False questions brainstorming

    Gray Mann is the CEO of Mann Co. . : False (It's Saxton HAAAAALE) The soldier knew Merasmus because hey were roommates back in college. : TRUE Miss Pauling has a crush the Scout: FALSE (She's a lesbo) The sniper is from Australia. FALSE (He's from New Zealand- Wiki) Source
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    time to do this

    Hello and welcome to wln ;)
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    Cookie's general post ;D

    Hellowo :kathiya:
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    Resolved utilisateur04052004 Cheating

    Well, He wasn't before I created this thread. (You are not supposed to reply on this thread... Only staff members and related users can reply here... I guess) Also, try to check if this guy has Duplicate accounts On Wln***
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    Resolved utilisateur04052004 Cheating

    SteamID / STEAM profile of the player: Player name: utilisateur04052004 Date of incident: 08/05/19 Server name / IP: Proof of evidence in form of: Demo File here: