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    Rate the music above you

    7/10 bazzi ^^im on phone without anything special so it’s not gunna embedded, sorry not sorry.
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    love is war ed

    100% liked this album
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    Hi y'all

    Heya, welcome to the forums!
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    aloha mate, welcome to the forums
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    Suggest me an anime to watch

    There's a lot of anime i would suggest, but there isnt really in the criteria that i would recommend within your "i like" list, but captain weeb already has some nice anime set, specifically Love is War, that's within my top 3 and it's amazing, and konosuba is also witin my top 3.
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    Rate the music above you

    not my kinda shit but i still give it a 4/8
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    I got scammed

    It always helps to look at someones steamrep or to verify if they’re just a normie trying to scam you off your items
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    I got scammed

    The only people who “need to look at your items” are valve employees with LEGIT valve tags in their name, and they can just do it themselves without needing to add you. Needing to add/trade someone for verifications is total bogus.
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    tee hee haha how dumb are you

    epic reply a few weeks later
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    time to do this

    hi lol
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    hello i like your jailbreak servers

    welcome to the forums mate
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    Introducing myself

    Welcome to the forums "Have you tried disconnecting and reconnecting it" sorry not sorry
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    What pisses you off.

    myself lol open doors, relate to whoever said that above^^ doors are mean't to be closed.
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    Stereotypes on JailBreak