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    Rate the Game above you

    6/10 Could probably give a better rating if I actually played it, but hit man games alone can be pretty interesting. Skies of Arcadia (Legends)
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    turbine is pretty great, hello!
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    Giveaway £20 STEAM CODE GIVEAWAY!!! (I haven't changed this in a whole year and itll never change.) The original end date, 20th, was a day I lost a friend like 2 years ago, recently became friends with them again. Also trump became pres that day too.
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    Get rid of crits :/

    Never remove crits just buff them :smart:
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    Would you rather

    1. Strangled by a cat 2. TF2 doesn't exist 3. A $5000 CSGO inventory 4. Global Elite on CSGO 5. Spy doesn't exist - shoutout to demonic odd : ^ ) 6. Be a NBA player 7. Scorching flames Killer exclusive 8. Be a Tiger 9. Be a successful Twitch streamer 10. Be Batman
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    Dream unusual?

    :wtf: the joke was I was saying about it being a dream, then I stated my own dream unusual
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    Dream unusual?

    Why have dream unusual when you can just aspire to get it and make it a reality. :catbox: Either blizzard or flaming woolen warmer to replace the one I use for every single class
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    Which do you prefer?

    1- McD's 2- Yes, diet. 3- Neither, both are garbage.:smart: 4- Discord. 5- Yes. 6- Refer to 3. 7- Yes. 8- Linux. 9- Google. 10- Refer to 6 Key words Yes = both
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    What Is Your Most OG Username?

    Lopedo45 (or Lopedo64) used it as a kid, before I was 12, and since some accounts for some things are still used (like my phantasy star online forum and ingame user) it's still used till today. I actually really don't remember how I came up with it, but literally nobody can pronounce it right...
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    What is the best thing that has ever happened to you?

    being in school in general
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    i can't...

    We can question why any meme becomes a meme if you think about it
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    Are you insane?

    Are you insane?
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    Declined Herobrine24's Administrator Application

    Since I'm allowed to make a comment, seeing everything that he's done from such sources, gave me a chance to be open about something in the past. As some people still know, I was staff along with this, guy, which I'll refrain being rude to. He broke his own set rules that he set, @Khaz and the...
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