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    Change one letter

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    Change one letter

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    My Favorite Kill

    Last guard on Jailbreak, stock sticky launcher + loch n load, 12 reds and I'm pretty sure all of them have ammo. I jump across the map to find a group of five and the sticky jump killed a spy that tried to backstab me, and at the peak of my jump (top barrier of the map) I shot a crit and killed...
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    What your most treasured item on TF2?

    I had a few strange items with thousands of kills + some other thing (like botkiller, painted etc) and while I do have 2 professional killstreak items, that means nothing to me, what I loved the most was my loch n load, it was beautiful, what got me into demo, and it had and still does have a...
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    Combine your username with the person above you

    Captain Faeries
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    Would You Kill A Friendly?

    Assuming the friendly is doing nothing wrong and I'm in a good mood, it depends on my class and wait I gain from it. If I'm using the YER and I feel like I need a disguise, yes I'll do it (and possibly apologize if I feel like it), or if I'm a mad milk scout that needs some health in the middle...
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    Say that name

    SuperGay- SuperGuard
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    Combine your username with the person above you

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    What Is Your Favorite Part of Wonderland?

    I like how we can call each other dog fuckers and pedophiles and that's normal behaviour.
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    Ew it's remiss. <3

    Ew it's remiss. <3
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    YouTube videos that just kind of hurt to watch

    If you mean cringy I can't help, but if you want any sort of emotional hurt, just find any life is strange vid and cry all you want. I'm not biased
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    Appeal denied for wrong reasons

    You're harming yourself more than helping. This is honestly stupid but here we go. 1. Saying "I'll just break the rules again" doesn't help 2. It should be obvious that if you break the rules and get punished you're expected to actually follow that punishment or else it wouldn't mean anything...
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    Appeal denied for wrong reasons

    "I found didn't have any mention of alternate accounts being forbidden." That kind of implies that you did use an alternate account, and you think it was wrong that it was disallowed. Also you should read what xypher (the owner of the community) said, the IP that you use has 3 different accounts...
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    Appeal denied for wrong reasons

    (Since this isn't an actual "Appeal" I am technically allowed to respond) During gameplay every about 15 minutes chat automatically says "Using alternate accounts to avoid bans is strictly prohibited" Cheating is also punishable by a permanent IP ban with no chance of appeal. So they were really...