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    Change one letter

    (Ignoring Yelo Chey and responding to Socks) lode
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    Usually if you did nothing wrong besides being in a hacker group, they'll usually unban you if...

    Usually if you did nothing wrong besides being in a hacker group, they'll usually unban you if you leave it, so don't be a cunt about it just because you're too lazy to click 3 buttons to leave the group.
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    How Much of Your Playtime Is On Wonderland?

    Total time: 1204 hours First connect: 13.07.2017 Connection time: 491 hours Percentage of time: 40.78%
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    give remiss scammer role

    You called?
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    My "new" introduction?

    Bonjour, encore! Hello again
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    Can I get a clear agreed upon definition of admin impersonation?

    If you act in a way that would make others believe you are an admin or have admin powers, or try to convince people you are on, or pretending to be a person that is an admin (For example changing your steam name and profile to Ra Ra RasPootis) All the ways I could imagine on the top of my head...
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    Is boswette a trap?

    Besides, if you want the most hated kid on the community go to djdion, I literally had over 20 (out of 60) videos of him doing shit because he never relented, and he's not even the most hated, that title goes to ghost owl
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    Its the most hated person in the community :D

    Why don't admins just close threads like this and give annoying children like this 1 warning before their account is suspended temporarily and then permanently
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    Change one letter

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    Change one letter

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    My Favorite Kill

    Last guard on Jailbreak, stock sticky launcher + loch n load, 12 reds and I'm pretty sure all of them have ammo. I jump across the map to find a group of five and the sticky jump killed a spy that tried to backstab me, and at the peak of my jump (top barrier of the map) I shot a crit and killed...
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    What your most treasured item on TF2?

    I had a few strange items with thousands of kills + some other thing (like botkiller, painted etc) and while I do have 2 professional killstreak items, that means nothing to me, what I loved the most was my loch n load, it was beautiful, what got me into demo, and it had and still does have a...
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    Combine your username with the person above you

    Captain Faeries
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    Would You Kill A Friendly?

    Assuming the friendly is doing nothing wrong and I'm in a good mood, it depends on my class and wait I gain from it. If I'm using the YER and I feel like I need a disguise, yes I'll do it (and possibly apologize if I feel like it), or if I'm a mad milk scout that needs some health in the middle...
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    Say that name

    SuperGay- SuperGuard