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    Should _3nvoy apply for mod?

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    Hello and welcome!
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    Declined Socks' Staff Application

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    Declined Mute Appeal

    These logs clearly explain otherwise. The latest is only 2 days ago and the earliest are from May. Those are not the only ones as well but only a small example.
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    Hi Shadow, I'm Shadow.

    Hi Shadow, I'm Shadow.
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    Declined Socks' Staff Application

    Can you set your game details to public so we can verify that you have over 600 hours on TF2.
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    Welcome, sir.
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    Your favorite game (aside from tf²)

    Dead Cells
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    G,Day M8’s

    Welcome! You haven't watched Gabriel Dropout yet. :katfeels:
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    Declined Admin Application: Meme Carrot

    You didn't actually read through the requirements otherwise, you would've known that you need a minimum of 15 posts to not get automatically declined. On top of this, your application on itself is incredibly short and your answers are not nearly informative enough.
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    Declined c0ntriL Mod App

    You didn't wait 1 month until you could re-apply. When your last application got declined.
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    Rate the music above you

    2/10 Not appealing to me.
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    Declined the_man's Staff Application

    With everything that's been brought up by other staff members, I'll be giving a -1