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    The Scout is he useful

    Don't let SuperGuard know this thread exists.
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    Can black people use the n-word without repercussions?

    It's not allowed under any circumstances regardless of who says it.
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    Declined False banned for aimbot

    The ''my brother'' excuse is both overused nor believable. Appeal denied.
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    bad admins

    Agreeing with Remiss I'll be Closing this since there's no more reason for it to be open.
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    bad admins

    It's not our fault that you weren't responsible with your account to begin with.
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    Declined Ok so this is an appeal for my mute and gag.

    While I'm more inclined to change your silence to a ban I'll be lenient. In the meantime, while you wait out your silence you can take this time to go through all of your previous punishments and revise your behaviour for the future. Appeal Denied.
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    Petition for Hentai Sprays!!!

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    Few questions about 2 admins

    One of the mentioned players are now currently banned but for other reasons.
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    Declined Guard banned on jailbreak need assistance

    There are no guardbans listed under your profile. The only ban you have is an expired normal ban for cheat spam.
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    Invalid ban appeal

    Please don't create multiple appeals. Closed.
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    Why am i banned?

    Please create a new thread in the appeal section which can be found here.
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    TF2 January 23 2019

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    TF2 January 22 2019

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    Good evening nerds

    owo hi