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    how it feels to get banned

    My clean streak of having no bans or any problems with the admins has ended today. So have this comic I drew up to humor myself and also self-deprecate my existence. PS: I don't know where else I could've put this, so I thought it would be best to put it in here.
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    As a """""professional mapper""""" myself...

    In the end, it's about family and that's what's so powerful about it.
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    Which bee looks the best?

    Thanks for rating the bee; my analytical data continues to prove accurate to my prior unspoken claims.
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    As a """""professional mapper""""" myself...

    As someone who used to do it full time, and now does it as a small pass-time or recreational activity, seeing all of these other mappers create and share their work with the interwebs, it makes me wonder if they'll ever enter the big leagues with the big bois. They think they fancy with their...
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    Welcome to the beginners guide to existing in the wonderful world EARTH. At least, that's what they-- the humans, I mean-- designated the name to be. So, this article/guide will teach you how to perform a few tasks that will help you blend in with your fellow man. Understanding the basics of...
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    Common Jailbreak Misconceptions

    Warden: Bombrush to Minefield. [Player] has been killed! *DEAD* Player: [Warden] didn't say no detours/delays! Why did I die? Warden: I said bombrush.
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    Which bee looks the best?

    Someone said "Hey, you should post your bee pics on the forum and ask which one looks the best". So I ask you this: [the title already asked]
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    Minecraft and its replayability

    I've been playing since Beta 1.6.6 [2011-2012], and despite how much stuff had come from the game [from both the devs and community], seeing it reach its status of popularity has made it far better than it possibly could've been. Minecraft Youtube intros are a mistake, however. I'd recommend...
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    Anime suggestions

    I'd suggest One Punch Man [season 1] and both seasons of Mob Psycho 100, 'cause that shit is great.
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    Minecraft and its replayability

    Minecraft's a cool game. ..... I don't really have much else to say about it, other than For a very simple game at launch that has been given various amounts of content over the years to become what it is now, I always enjoy it in big bulks of gameplay-- whether it's survival or creative, it's a...