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    Declined i am ded's 1st Application

    -1. I may change my vote if anything can be brought up
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    phys' thoughts

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    Declined TidePods 1st application

    -1 The toxicity, as shown above, is my main reason as to why I won't be giving you a positive vote.
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    Hunger Games Season 2: Total Drama Wonderland

    It's gamer time :blobmario:
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    Declined my 3rd application

    -1. With everything mentioned above, I can't find a reason to support you at the moment.
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    Declined SiNine Staff App.

    Reading on from what other staff have to say, you have my support. You have shown great maturity since your last applications. Vote has changed to Neutral leaning towards -1
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    Declined Ivy's 1st Application.

    Logs aside, I'm willing to give you a shot. Good luck on the rest of the application!
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    Declined Application

    -1 However, I wish you the best of luck in your next application!
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    Declined Mox's Mod Application

    -1 Best of luck next time
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    Hunger Games XVII: Among Oats (because it's gonna be space themed.)

    It is time once more to fulfil my destiny as a human shield