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    Should I even play this anymore?

    In exactly 5 days, I'll hit my 7th anniversary of getting TF2. So nah it's not too old.
  2. SuperGuard

    do NOT talk to this asshole

    The whole scam about being reported for duped items is a rather big issue right now. If anyone sends you something like that, assume that they've also been scammed and that their account has been hijacked.
  3. SuperGuard

    Fuck this Stupid Park

    At the same time? Oh wtf I'm 19 and I don't even drive yet. Rich boi.
  4. SuperGuard

    Declined Appeal :: Skye

    You were repetitively harassing and disrespecting staff and others in general after numerous warnings. I'm afraid that's the end of the story. Denied
  5. SuperGuard

    Are all of the spy mains vaibus?

    I'm a Spy main. I haven't been disrespected here have I?
  6. SuperGuard


    I prefer Battlefield.
  7. SuperGuard

    Invalid Appeal :: patience

    Well the ban lasted 10 minutes and has since expired. Closed
  8. SuperGuard

    Declined Application - Second Time Around

    You were a decent staff member when it came to working (other than a few errors with rules). It's just the main issue I saw was you not being able to cooperate with most other staff members properly.
  9. SuperGuard

    Declined Application - Second Time Around

    -1 Waiting a month after having an app denied is fine, but waiting a month after being demoted is again in my opinion too short. Also I'm concerned with you being accepted because I believe you may engage in arguments with other staff members again. Not to say you were a poor staff member but...
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    Declined Hello everyone

  11. SuperGuard

    Declined Hello everyone

    Before I close this rather pointless thread, I want you to explain this answer you gave to Kruthal. Is this saying that you didn't hack or am I missing something? Because it looks like you've just gone back on your own statement.
  12. SuperGuard

    Declined I would like to close a deal

    I'm afraid that regardless of all this, cheating is not tolerated in the slightest. Therefore the ban will stay. Denied
  13. SuperGuard

    Invalid Please unban me.

    Closed For unnecessary second appeal.