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    Giveaway X-Mas VIP+ Giveaway

    "marge, take my gun and run! i wont be able to last much longer, tell bart and lisa i always loved them." -Homer simpson, Auschwitz 09/12/1943
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    Giveaway Mega X-Mas Giveaway 2018!

    *giggles* -peter griffin, 09/12/1943
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    fat giveaway

    i screenshot the win on my other computer, the image is not saved however he won. BUT if he does not contact me before 1:20 PM tommorow i will respin.
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    fat giveaway

    image did not work, hopefully this one did
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    fat giveaway

    Ion won the giveaway contact me within the next 24 hours or i will do a respin.
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    fat giveaway

    from now on you can also go on terraria and make a big dick pixel art to join
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    fat giveaway

    im going to give away my summer shades. to enter you have to go on a tf2 server and on voice chat say "oh yes fuck me harder daddy" and record it and send it to me. the deadline is at 2018-02-15
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    if death is inevitable, why even create life ?

    if death is inevitable, why even create life ?
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    Continue With 3 words to make a story.

    it is america.
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    5x TF2 Key Giveaway

    i give good succ On cat for key yes
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    Thicc Giveaway

    The Giveaway has now ended and the winner is Alexus
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    Thicc Giveaway

    and that its PM not AM
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    Thicc Giveaway

    i meant to say that each one gives you a entry
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    Thicc Giveaway

    "Cats" not ocelots. theres something called taming ecks dee