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    Declined the_man's Staff Application

    Thanks for reviewing my application, that group you mentioned was the group for the HVH stuff I mentioned in my last reply to you and I left it now, I forgot that I was even in said group. About the stuff I said in game I can't do much but apologize for them I do get annoyed easily in some...
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    How many years have you played Tf2 for?

    Since 2010
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    Being a good Warden

    Being a good warden is quite easy once you get the hang of it, if I were you I'd take queue's from wardens you consider "good wardens" and use some of there strategies. As warden, in my opinion your #1 goal should be someone gets LR each round. Dealing with reds is one of the more difficult...
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    Should I try and get new friends by deleting old ones or just keep them?

    If your running out of space in your friends list then yeah probably but if not then I don't see a reason to.
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    Declined the_man's Staff Application

    Thank you Thanks you for clarification I'm sorry for wasting your time but since I don't meet more than 1 requirement this app isn't valid anymore, but thanks everyone for the criticism and if I make a new one I'll be sure to take everyone's comments into thought.
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    Declined the_man's Staff Application

    Thank you for the analyses of my application, but I believe that you're wrong about the forum posts if you look at my account and go to postings I have more than 15, but if the "Messages" number was the one I was supposed to pay attention to then my bad I misinterpreted the requirements, and on...
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    Declined the_man's Staff Application

    The reason I was banned from PB was because at the time Sandvich was pretty much the co-owner and on that day ben and I were messing with him and he banned me and ben because of it, I did not cheat in PB to get that ban and when I got banned Sandvich wasn't even in the game when he did ban me...
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    Last request ideas

    For the NY servers which are only Minecraft I think if an admin is on a custom lr for nether day would be fun, the day is quite simple the reds and blues would be teleported separately to the nether and the day would go on as it normally would just in the nether. It would be a really cool day I...
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    this or that?

    Extreme Zip-Lining I love adrenaline activities Rib Eye Steak or Lobster
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    "Who would win in a fight?"

    Sonic & Tails, 2 fast for Mario & Luigi. Brock Lesnar vs Daniel Cormier
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    What's your favorite taunt?

    Luxury Lounge
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    Declined the_man's Staff Application

    Requirements: No VAC/Game ban(s) on record | Info ✘ (Explanation in the spoiler) Clean [+]SteamREP | Info : ✔ No active bans on the community. | Info : ✔ Member in our steam group | Info : ✔ At least 16+ years old (preferred 18+) : ✔ Team Fortress 2 playtime: 600+ hours : ✔ No...
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    First word

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    Should i try make new weapon for tf2

    Are you talking about making a weapon for wonderland or TF2, if TF2 then maybe, I feel like you'd get better answers from google than from this forum for this question, and if your talking about a plugin weapon for wonderland you'd have to talk with the person/people that manage the servers and...