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    Good evening nerds

    send toe pics
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    Petition for Hentai Sprays!!!

    tempting but no
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    What do you think about bird box

    I did watch it. It showed a great message in general (not being able to parent cause thats dumb) but the hype of the movie didn’t match up with the showing
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    Get rid of crits :/

    random crits keep the game fair and balanced :D
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    Would you rather

    1. Chased by a dog 2. TF2 doesn't exist 3.A $5000 TF2 inventory 4. Level 200 on steam 5. Spy doesn't exist 6. Be a footballer 7. Burning Team captain 8. Be a lion 9. Be a successful youtuber 10. Be Black Panther
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    TF2 January 7 2019

    glad you removed this for public. to many people were abusing it and would ban others for no reason
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    Best to record gameplay???

    i dont know which kind of software to download and im curious to know what yall use or which one is the best
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    Best Lowercase Name for me to use

    go with scrambled eggs
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    I am new

    welcome to le wonder of land. i hope to see you around on discord/forums/the servers
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    What Is Your Most OG Username?

    i joined roblox around 2007 (6 at the time) and i went with lordedgar
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    I am a sand person who does nothing c:

    I am a sand person who does nothing c:
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    Which do you prefer?

    1- BK 2- neither, soda trash 3- TF2 4- Discord? 5- Google Chrome 6- PUBG? 7- PC? 8- MAC? 9- Yahoo? 10- Razer?
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    Last request ideas

    I think an LR where the headless horseman or monoculus(max level) spawns in and the reds and blue have to work together and defeat the enemy before time runs out
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    How can they improve tf2

    whats some of yalls suggestions that you think they should do to improve tf2 as a game