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    Out of interest

    school didnt teach me anything about africa beyond where it is on the map, thats what google was left for. africa big
  2. Mom

    What type of servers do you play in?

    i play jailbreak, dm_duel and sometimes stock ctf maps. wln NY though since best ping on there.
  3. Mom

    "Who would win in a fight?"

    out of cell rebel wins because the reds stay in cells like 75% of times who wins between hun meme virgin and superguard
  4. Mom

    "Who would win in a fight?"

  5. Mom

    Korum is back again.

  6. Mom

    Trade Server Administration Suggestion

    It also bears mentioning that we don't deal with scam reports.
  7. Mom

    no u :savage:

    no u :savage:
  8. Mom

    Being a good Warden

    On second thoughts literally just go warden and give orders, it comes naturally
  9. Mom

    Turns out I may have brain cancer...

    yes i do :/
  10. Mom

    Being a good Warden

    Make the reds hate you and thats how :D no taunt day, reds melee only, jetpack kos, crouchwalk everywhere, CELLWARS EVERY 3 ROUNDS WITHOUT FAIL >:D and in cell rebel day hug and face back cell wall. 70% of reds either get it or they die. always mute reds. and blues. Only you need to talk, you're...
  11. Mom

    Giveaway Australium GL + 2 Keys

  12. Mom

    Appeal Admin abuse

    You were given your punishments by me. Your teamban was for giving reds a freeday for all as warden, not as an lr, instead of giving orders. This wasn't allowed. You proceeded to then disrespect myself, and were gagged for that too. After the period expired, you then went onto mic to disrespect...
  13. Mom

    Pending Admin Application: Mifil

    I don't personally have an overall opinion on you, having not been around you in game much, if at all. Mainly only see posts on our Discord, but that's more on me. Based on application alone, i'd be somewhat willing to see how you'd fare, So i'm currently Neutral leaning towards a +1. Good luck.
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    Admin abuser

    This isn't an appeal that's formatted properly, nor is it in the correct section. Please post an appeal with the correct format in Appeals. Closed.