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    Its the most hated person in the community :D

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    Technical Golden Wrench on Spy (possibly other classes)

    The thread will be closed by a staff member and will notify you of this when the problem is solved, so no worries.
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    I want to get alot of things cleared up.

    I understand the intent behind this thread being made, and it's in the right place and everything, but there's always gonna be someone picking something about the rules, myself included, because something isn't said the right way, isn't recorded in a way that's easily understood by everyone, or...
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    already knew that :/ say soemthing new comedian :/

    already knew that :/ say soemthing new comedian :/
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    I Love Space

    your icon is good
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    Would You Kill A Friendly?

    wtf dont merge my post i kill you friendly adamins
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    Would You Kill A Friendly?

    i kill u die, some friendlies, die die die
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    I am stuck

    Welcome home, @KiKi ! Would you like dinner? A bath? Or maybe..... Me?
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    Declined Tobby's Application

    It was a good idea to at least try to see if there were areas to improve on and fix, and by now you certainly know what may need to change. Good luck in future, Tobby.
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    homestuck post things about homestuck like images or videos if you post hiveswap content im gonna kill your post
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    as a non staff member you dont know me if you do then you know too much die
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    wl shipping spectacular (REALLY GOOD THREAD!!!!)

    mom & mycin :)