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    Declined Vladdleco's Application

    -1 To begin with i really REALLY dislike the chat spam you have made. And your hours in tf2 is a sign to me that you need more time to be an experienced player overall. In this case i can't see you as staff. I like the application besides my complains.
  2. TrueMyth

    Declined RazoR's Admin Application

    -1 Reasons have been stated..
  3. TrueMyth

    Coming back to community servers :)

    Ey, welcome!
  4. TrueMyth

    Declined Admin App #1 Zaphr

    Bad application in my opinion, and that you forgot the requirements is a bit fishy -1
  5. TrueMyth

    Hej I’m back

    Welcome back!
  6. TrueMyth


    Welcome Jin!
  7. TrueMyth

    Hello <3

    Welcome Vincent.
  8. TrueMyth

    Goodbye TF2, Goodbye Wonderland...

    Good luck bro, wish you the best!
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    Declined Moxxy's Application (Tasuna)

    I Think the application lacks effort(it can improve, better and longer answers) But i've never seen you abuse when we have played together. I also know you on a more "personal" way and you're a good friend to me, so i will give this a Neutral and wait for other staff members to rate..
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    Hello and welcome back! I've missed you quite a bit.
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    Count to One Million

  12. TrueMyth

    Uh... Hi...

    Welcome Fin.