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    your motherboard won't dictate anything to do with your monitor refresh rate or graphics performance in general (the only real factor is bus size and speed when talking mainboards, which are much too complex with little interaction with your graphics to actually mean anything). any basic...
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    hit or miss

    i guess you always miss, huh?
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    Rate the music above you

    reviving this shit myself i already know the rating on this will be below 5 for most people lmao
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    15 postp are too many post

    if u don't have the willpower to post 15 times then u don't have the willpower to become admin
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    Extend The Word

    and that was the end of the thread
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    I wanna fucking die

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    welcome to bad community
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    i7 4770k, 32gb gskill ripjaw, gtx 1060, asus hero viii mbo
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    Extend The Word

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    Extend The Word

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    Extend The Word

    portm is good but portmo is not
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    Extend The Word

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    better here than blackwonder ;)

    better here than blackwonder ;)