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    Played on this sever for ever and just made an acoount

    I’ve played on the community for a long time, but then I quit tf2 for 1 year or so. Then I started playing again, and I wanted to know the rules, so I checked it and came on these forums. Then I made an account and soon joined the discord. (I played JB alot, under the names: dodoman9, mc_duck)
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    tomto kat :D

    tomto kat :D
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    Have You Ever Eaten A Walnut

    yes, horrible
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    Do you like Italy?

    When I was in Italy for vacation, it was fun and nice. But I prefer spain, however I prefer italian food.
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    I am newbie

    ello, senior
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    How Is Your Sleep?

    sleeptime= bad bedtime= very good with @Tomato Kat ♡ UwU
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    demo giveaway

    I close now, because waiting is boring. padabambam and the winner is drumrofl I send trade offer soon.
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    demo giveaway

    after this message there can only join 4 people, then this giveaway will end.
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    Pending RazoR's Admin Application

    -1 Reasons stated above
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    Declined Clouseau's Application.

    -1 Based on what eight said. If you are being provoked just ignore it, and ask a staff member for help.
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    Remove 2 Deadrun Maps

    +1 everything that removes the exploit is good for me.