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    Hello :3

    Welcome to the community.
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    What is the Biggest US State?

    Another good question to ask for jeopardy is How many classes can self heal. The trick is all of the classes can self heal.
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    What Makes a Good Warden?

    I believe a good warden is one that you can relate to. They should be able to control every player in the game and be fair with everyone. They should also be able to know when to mute people (Including Blues) and follow the rules properly.
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    Jailbreak Diner Dishes

    I think its always best to go simplistic and have a sense of humor. I always say some kind of Lunchables and it usually works.
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    What is everyone's top worst weapon for each class?

    Scout - Wrap Assassin. It has almost no uses unless you only want to annoy the enemy. Soldier - Pain Train The capture rate is not worth the 10% bullet damage. Pyro - Hot Hand Its a fun meme weapon but in actual use its not very good. Heavy - The Eviction Notice The speed is not worth the...
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    This is the mic I use. Its affordable and great. Never had a problem with it...
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    Jailbreak Map Poll ba_jailfort_b1

    IMO it wasn't a fun map.
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    New to the forums <3

    Thank all of you for the warm welcome <3
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    Jailbreak Poll

    Just beautiful.
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    New to the forums <3

    Thanks for the welcome.
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    New to the forums <3

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    Jailbreak Poll

    Love me some Out of Cell rebel. It works on so many people.
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    One Word At A Time

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    Post a Game you think noone else has played

    A game I never see say anything about is Shining Force Resurrection of the Dark Dragon. One of my favorite games.
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    New to the forums <3

    Love the Purple Haze Icon.