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    A New Challenger Approaches!

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    Bandit's Boots Giveaway (New 2018 TF2 item)

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    What are you planning for Thanksgiving?

    If you are in the US, how are you planning to celebrate Thanksgiving? I personally have nothing planned, as it's not that big of a holiday to me, but I am interested to hear if you guys do.
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    Pending First Officer Marjoribank's Application.

    As Skial is another very popular TF2 community, is there anyway you could provide proof of being staff there (such as a current staff there who could vouch for you)?
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    Appeal Banni pour hack

    I was sorting through users sharing IP links to servers of communities outside of and found you advertising, therefore you were banned. Your ban had nothing to do with any suspicion of cheats, you were telling this user to join an MGE server along with being rather...
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    Guard lock on Jailbreak

    The plug-in that prevents users from joining BLU unless their microphone is used is very faulty from my experience, as it solely checks if you use a mic, not if it's actually quality/sufficient (i.e, if you press Push-to-talk for a second, it'll validate you joining BLU). I wouldn't trust it to...
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    Invalid Resizing while killing

    Not sure if you are aware of this already, but just to clear up in case you aren't: VIPs only can't gain an unfair advantage over others. Therefore, VIPs can attack others resized larger, but not resized smaller. Closed per lacking evidence and unresponsiveness to Raspootis above. Create a new...
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    Declined Unban Appeal

    Cheating is not tolerated under any circumstances, neither is provable or believable that it was your friend who cheated instead of you. Either way, your ban will have to remain. Appeal denied.
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    Someone was griefing with the name of ✪Kar98k✪. Please create a report here following the given template. Closed.
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    Appeal Banned for having "Duplicate Account" Please explain your association with that account, as it was banned on your IP address for Aimbot. Being unresponsive will result in denial of your appeal.
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    Declined Banned due account duplication

    You weren't banned solely because you made a second account, you were banned as you cheated on that account. VAC banned accounts on your IP address: --- Originally banned account.
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    Invalid muted

    Do not create additional appeals whilst you already have one processing. Closed.
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    Declined Banned for duplicated Account.

    Appeal denied.
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    How is it that you report someone?

    Just to give you all the methods of reporting users, for future reference: /calladmin in-game. #report-to-staff on our Discord server - Forum report - - This is only as a final resort, and the offender's Steam ID/profile along...
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    Declined Unban appeal.

    You were banned for racism and toxic behavior. You can wait out the ban, you've had previous punishments for similar reasoning. Appeal denied.
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    Nerdy introduction i guess whoops-

    Welcome (back) to the forums!
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    hey i am new soo pls dont hate me