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    Admire the food

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    Accepted please support this

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    I made a review of Lego The Hobbit

    Lied about putting Tyler the Creator as background music. 0/10
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    Get rid of crits :/

    Crits make TF2 stand out from all other games since there’s a probability of randomness being involved. I for one want crits to never be removed as it would make the game fall in place with every other team based shooter. I’m perfectly fine with my opponent obtaining a random crit because I know...
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    What is the best thing that has ever happened to you?

    Discovering music and its many genres.
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    Go to Steam/steamapps/common/Team Fortress 2/tf/sound in File Explorer and delete the sound.cache file. The file will always come back due to it being a cache file, so make sure to delete it every once in a while if you begin to start experiencing crashes again. I used to experience the same...
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    An Addition to the custom lr rules

    Rebel day used to be (maybe still is) an option on the LR menu. What it did was freeze BLUs as soon as the next round began and pretty much every RED would rush towards armory and kill all the BLUs at once. Might’ve gotten removed from the LR menu, not sure. I’ll come back to the post later in...
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    Best to record gameplay???

    I primarily use Fraps for its in-game FPS counter and that I paid for the full version of the software. If you want a good recording program for free, I suggest you use OBS. It can record however long footage you want it to record and it puts out superb quality recordings.
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    Tesla car's

    They’re making great leaps in innovation and are ahead of their competitors by a long shot. If their rivals want to come anywhere near close to the progress of Tesla, they too would have to make cars that rely on electrical charges. I feel as if this era is the next industrial revolution since...
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    Your thoughts on The gaming industry

    I’ve pretty much been gaming ever since I learned how to walk. First game I can recall playing was Star Wars Battlefront II. I’m definitely sure that the popularity of gaming will continuously rise for years to come. The reason I think gaming is popular is that it’s an escape from reality for...
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    Happy holidays! :smiley:

    Happy holidays! :smiley:
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    Should I even play this anymore?

    Just want to point out that this thread is posted in the Minecraft category and not TF2. :blobfacepalm:
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    Jailbreak rulings discussion thread

    The reason I necrobumped this thread was that a player was clarifying if crouch day was illegal recently in the Wonderland discord. Several staff members had to correct him, but that’s not why I’m making this post. One staff member was ill informed and thought crouch day couldn’t be done when...
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    Jailbreak rulings discussion thread

    I suggest that this ruling be removed due to it creating lots of confusion on whether or not crouch day can be done. The ruling right above the one regarding crouch day states that REDs can’t be stripped of any form of communication. Players still are capable of using regular text chat even...
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    What are your favorite maps?

    For me, it’s got to be Mirage, Nuke, Subzero, and the classic Dust II. I like almost all the maps, but those 4 are the most enjoyable maps to play on.
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    I actually wanna talk about this

    Should’ve elaborated on this a bit more. The guard can just ask the warden if they’re allowed to go to the teleporter. Simple solution. The warden can always order that one guard to come back if necessary.