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    Is it first day free day on every server

    Basically i have played multiple JailBreak servers on and i was playing JailBreak 7.0 custom and it's not first day free day but than i went on the UK Server and some people said different JailBreak servers have different rules and on this server it is first day free day. And i...
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    Does MVM need a update?

    So this is a popular question around the TF2 community does MVM need a update . Well the problem is that the australium's are easy to make because valve already have the gun all they have to do is add the australium (texture/skin) to the gun and you have it but the reason why valve don't want to...
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    Hello people

    Hi , Welcome to the forums of enjoy you'r stay.
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    Report wetlands (Toxic) (Mass freekill)

    This guy doesn't know the rules he thinks his playing a casual game were blues battle reds . He mass freekilled 5 people at the start than the warden slayed him and he got angry. One of the screen shots say i'm blue you'r red i kill u. He also called all of us fag*o*s Steam ID...
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    Just found out that I didn't introduce myself here yet

    Hi Yoshi played with you in game on 2FORT you'r a great spy.
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    Can we unite all germans here?

    i see
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    Can we unite all germans here?

    This is like a raid on twitch but it's on a TF2 server right xD But i am not german
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    What Is Your Most OG Username?

  9. 「VirtualVeteran」

    Technical Zombie Mod (Fire)

    It happened today again
  10. 「VirtualVeteran」

    Resolved Kevin.leifeld (Racist report)

    Bad word in chat STEAMID: (His profile is weird this is the profile it took me to from TF2 and it says he hasn't been online for 100day's. But he could be appearing offline for 100days)
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    I just realised what you said. It is possible if the wonderland developers or staff members commite to it.
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    Technical Repeat not working

    I waited and for some reason it happens to me when i play jailbreak some times and it doesn't let me repeat and i get killed. By the way there is a current warden.
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    Accepted Ricardo milos (P*rn link in chat)

    He put a p*rn link in chat for people to go to. Steam ID:
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    Make each other hungry

    Too true
  15. 「VirtualVeteran」

    Make each other hungry

    Tesco noodles = THE BEST
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    What Is Your Most OG Username?

    Daddy cuddles do you like cuddling people
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    Make each other hungry

    Make each other hungry
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    Tf2 item giveaway!

    What about something pure and general like 5key's = 5 winners
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    Technical Zombie Mod (Fire)

    So Since i have been playing zombie mod for a while now i realise sometimes when the pyro use their flame throwers the fire is saved and it stays in the same position until map change and it get's annoying as a zombie thinking there is a camping pyro on the side waiting for you this is what i...