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  1. Coronarena

    That avatar escalates very quickly. It really is something :blobowo:

    That avatar escalates very quickly. It really is something :blobowo:
  2. Coronarena

    hello frends

  3. Coronarena

    How do you spent valentine's day?

    Do you go somewhere with your special someone? Do you give them a gift and just leave it at that? Do you spend all day laying on the floor half naked screaming Adele songs at your cat? One of those was oddly specific.
  4. Coronarena

    Are traps gay???

    Not really no. Normal traps have to be into guys, not just looking like girls to be gay. Like saying reverse traps are lesbians, because they look like guys. I've spent a good 5 minutes thinking of this response.
  5. Coronarena

    These "change my mind" posts on the forum are dumb, change my mind.

    When memes get so out of hand this happens.
  6. Coronarena

    Make a weapon

    Homing rocket launcher with a 200 percent crit rate, meaning crit rockets become stronger. The rockets can go though every surface, including blockbullets and skyboxes. Downside is a 99 percent chance to get VAC banned.
  7. Coronarena

    Chrome or Firefox?

  8. Coronarena

    The Reserve Shooter is the best weapon in the game and you can't change my mind it's just a fact.

    "Ruined". Not exactly, it's now that you actually need to aim rockets at people's feet which requires a bit of attention, so that people aren't punished for walking down stairs because the other teams' pyro is a general fun-hater.
  9. Coronarena

    flex your pc specificaitons

    Intel i7 6700. Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060. 16GB RAM 2TB HDD 256GB SSD I dunno the rest like motherboard and crap.
  10. Coronarena

    New Trails Suggestions

    Well that scorching flames could work, if every sprite that showed up was a different frame of the effect. Dunno how feasible that is though.
  11. Coronarena

    hi uwu

    Bohemian rhapsody: mama... Uwu... Anyway, yo.
  12. Coronarena

    What are your favorite maps?

    Back in Hydra I particularly enjoyed de_thrill (it also had a cool easter egg). It's a shame de_austria is gone since that was also good. Dust2 is easy to navigate and play so I like that. The only hostage map I like is office, since all the other ones end up pretty much being stalemates.
  13. Coronarena

    New Trails Suggestions

    Gotta love the best-worst mapping program, hammer.
  14. Coronarena

    Combine your username with the person above you

  15. Coronarena

    What is your favorite class and why?

    1st: Soldier, so I don't have to aim (unless I'm sentry busting, then I gotta use the direct hit). 2nd: Engineer (typically on red) so I can use Eureka Effect to get behind blu team by putting teleporters in stupid but effectively hidden spots and spawncamp. 3rd: Sniper. Even though I said I...
  16. Coronarena

    Story time!

    Man I haven't touched osu in a long time. I should probably try reinstalling it on my desktop (when I really have nothing to do).
  17. Coronarena

    How's everybody doing?

    Pretty good, procrastinating (even though it's actually something I care about).
  18. Coronarena

    Ra ra raspootis, 2forts greatest love machine...

    Ra ra raspootis, 2forts greatest love machine...
  19. Coronarena

    Thanks ^.^

    Thanks ^.^
  20. Coronarena

    TF2 January 25 2019

    Just gonna say it here since I don't feel it requires a full forum post dedicated to it, that one dr_multirun map has been updated to dr_multirun_fix3. Just thought I'd let ya know :^)