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  1. Mom

    Mark's Application

    I'd just like to say, your app looks pretty short, and i'm fairly certain you've applied several times recently and been declined. In case you weren't aware, in most cases, being declined means you many not reapply for 1 month from the date of the most recent decline. On top of which, failing to...
  2. Mom

    Pending _3nvoy's Application

    This app is the first post you've made on the forums outside of the shoutbox since november 2018. Care to share why you haven't been posting at all? Being active in the community does include forum activity.
  3. Mom

    A poem about the forum for admin

    15 is an arbitrary number and it coudl very easily have been 30 instead! now a haiku for you admins always help even when you false report its snowing on mount fuji
  4. Mom

    bad admins

    you'r gay
  5. Mom

    Chrome or Firefox?

    everyone is wrong, opera only
  6. Mom

    The Reserve Shooter is the best weapon in the game and you can't change my mind it's just a fact.

    sry bro holiday punch is right there. its ok to be wrong
  7. Mom

    New Trails Suggestions

    wtf this thread got megabumped wtf
  8. Mom

    bad admins

    no adamin are bad. very salty playor. they get adman with skill and powers
  9. Mom

    Call of duty admins (looking for jokes)

    whats a munchdew it eats leaves you idiot xd
  10. Mom

    Jailbreak Problem.

    Yeah pretty much if you mean to say 'its altitude day' then say that in future, a glass door being just above the floor isn't a stair or stairs at all. Altitude day means don't go over the glass door, stairs are kos means only the stairs are kos.
  11. Mom

    on the jailbreak server are you kos if you taunt when crouch day is active

    fact of the matter is, you aren't crouching if you're taunting
  12. Mom

    Pending Veteran's application

    The differennce between csay and tsay is where the text appears on screen and what colors are gonna show up when you post a message with either command.
  13. Mom

    Petition for Hentai Sprays!!!

    oh fuck !w
  14. Mom

    Petition for Hentai Sprays!!!

    wtf ;~;
  15. Mom

    Petition for Hentai Sprays!!!

    its good idea guys trust me i have seven phd's
  16. Mom

    Maturity Levels in Jailbreak (Why so salty?)

    good thing this isnt Wondershare, now WONDERLAND is perfect community no problems :D
  17. Mom

    good luck on your admin application

    good luck on your admin application
  18. Mom

    Petition for Hentai Sprays!!!

    SORRY GUYS I ALREADY SAID YES ITS BEING IMPLEMENTED RIGHT NOW its ok bro i'll save your seat go pee
  19. Mom

    Petition for Hentai Sprays!!!

    its ok i have authoritah