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    Invalid Hentai

    Being unresponsive will result in appeal denial
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    Resolved Spam

    Player has been punished!
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    Resolved Mic Spamming

    Player has been punished!
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    Question about a rule in jailbreak

    Either way the red with death request can’t restrict Blus from killing themselves, and he gives you lr before he does it so... There’s no problem with suiciding during a dr. The only things Blus can’t do is delay death requests(running around, hiding, etc.) or outright kill the last red unless...
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    Invalid Hentai

    Provide the steam profile link or steam ID of the person you're reporting Also for NSFW sprays, just put the image into a spoiler or post a separate link to the NSFW spray screenshot. If you cover up what's NSFW we can't confirm it was actually NSFW! (Not for this spray though, since some of the...
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    A poem about the forum for admin

    Personally I don't feel like it's that big of a deal. We have plenty of topics spread out on our forums for you to meet the requirement, so if you are missing those forum posts it shouldn't take you longer than a week to gain the needed amount. Actions speak louder than words, so in the end that...
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    Declined My TF2 ban appeal for JB

    Your VIP powers don’t exist just for you to mini-moderate on our servers as you please. What was concerning about you votebanning that player was that HE DID NOTHING WRONG, as far as I could tell. Not to mention if you’re willing to take matters into your own hands, I can’t say I believe that...
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    Declined guard ban

    Being unresponsive will result in a appeal denial
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    Declined Luna's Ban Appeal

    Since you know why you’re permanently banned now, if you aren’t planning on presenting an argument on why your punishment should be lifted then sooner or later your appeal will be declined for unresponsiveness.
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    Declined Luna's Ban Appeal This is why you were banned.
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    Declined guard ban

    You don't have a guardban.
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    Pending nitr0's Application

    I'll have to agree with Mifil. Unless something drastically negative comes up about you or your behavior, I don't see why we can't see what you have to offer for our staff team. Though you're underage, your application is decently written and you claim you can act calmly in servers, especially...
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    Application questions

    Perhaps? Since you are able to prove that that account is one you had previously, it shouldn't be too much of a problem. But if you are going to go down that route, you'll have to be convincing with not knowing why you received the VAC ban(on the previous account), since it's going to, of...
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    Pending Veteran's application

    While your age and behavior in servers are drawing concern, I believe you have potential for our staff team. Perhaps a push in the right direction will do you good, so I wish you good luck! +1
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    Resolved A Bully and his followers

    Tucker has been punished, but the steam profile link you sent for Connor isn't working( Says I may not view the specified profile ) I can see what I can do, but just a quick fyi if the punishment comes slower for him
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    Jailbreak - Being creative a bannable Offense?

    Making up your own games isn't against the rules, but you need to make sure it fits with our server guidelines. If a game favourtises certain reds, requires illegal ff, involves killing off your guards, etc., then you should either modify your game or get rid of it completely. I've seen custom...
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    Best way to cook an egg?

    Make a omelet
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    Resolved Mass freekill

    Would like the video via discord @ BurntOmelet#3759
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    Resolved =WL= Beef-A-Roni: bad spray/ghosting

    Player has been punished
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    Resolved Toxic player