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  1. SuperGuard

    What do you think tf2 needs in the next update

    Baby Face's Blaster needs balancing. Best way to that is to make boost gained and boost lost equal. Scorch Shot can one-shot low health classes such as Snipers in most circumstances now so the afterburn inflicted by it should be reduced. Back Scatter may become viable if it crits rather than...
  2. SuperGuard

    Declined got banned for being a pro experienced newbie by ur worst administrator called "rei"

    Cheating is not tolerated under any circumstances. And neither is admin disrespect. Denied
  3. SuperGuard

    Does Heavy need a 'Fat Scout' buff?

    A movement speed buff would deny the benefit of a normal Scout over a fat Scout. I think a fine fat scout loadout is to use the Gloves or Running Urgently and the Family Business. There's not really much else to change it.
  4. SuperGuard

    Invalid Banned for abusing calladmin?

    Half the information needs some serious clarification. First thing's first: you did say the n word in game and we have rules strictly against racism and thus I silenced you for 1440 minutes, which is a day (I'm not too sure where you got the idea that it was permanent from). I admit that I did...
  5. SuperGuard

    Invalid can i get unbanned lol part 2

    First and foremost you have not used the appeal yet again. It can be found here, do yourself a favour and use it. Also I strongly suggest you improve your attitude on this matter and take it seriously.
  6. SuperGuard

    Pending --Wizard's Application

    As well as everything stated by Ray, I still can't grasp why you didn't get 15 posts at least before posting the app. It's a mandatory requirement and an easy one at that so you have no excuse not to have done that. -1
  7. SuperGuard

    Favorite Class and Weapon

    Demoman with Iron Bomber, Chargin' Targe and Eyelander. The ultimate Hybrid Demo loadout and ungodly powerful.
  8. SuperGuard

    Declined Maybe this time

    I'm afraid we simply don't have enough information and given your past two appeals, I'm finding trusting you very difficult. Unless you can prove that this account is not yours, then there's nothing else to be done. And I don't want to see another appeal in the next 24 hours stating the same...
  9. SuperGuard

    Space Travel

    An artificial black hole and artificial gravity are the same thing. A black hole is a point of extreme mass.
  10. SuperGuard

    Declined Second Appeal for Unban, first failed for no response from me

    Denied Due to lack of response. Again.
  11. SuperGuard

    Favorite Band

  12. SuperGuard

    Favorite Spy Knife

    Stock and related skins - Best for almost every situation Spycicle - Good for battle Spies Eternal Reward - good for dealing with engies and sentries easier Big Earner - I don't know. Scouts? Kunai - Extremely situational piece of crap
  13. SuperGuard

    Declined Second Appeal for Unban, first failed for no response from me

    Can you give any more details on this? Failure to respond will result in appeal denial.
  14. SuperGuard

    Declined pls unban me

    Cheating is not tolerated under any circumstances. Denied
  15. SuperGuard

    Why is dead explained

    *Uses Direct Hit properly* *Goes to University* Is this the European version of me?
  16. SuperGuard

    Accepted Excessive Toxicity and RuleBreaking (Lonniegang and Gold Horace Hoovy)

    Golden Horace Hoovy has been banned for a week due to his excessive offenses as shown in the video. LonnieGaming has been permanently banned for his excessive offenses and multiple previous punishments. Thank you for the report. Accepted
  17. SuperGuard

    Declined Discord ban appeal

    Until I see a reason why you decided to use the command in the general lounge of all places instead of any of the NSFW channels, I see no reason whatsoever that this was "accidental".
  18. SuperGuard

    when u realise that overwatch is dead and tf2 still isn't

    Can we have StarCraft 3 yet?
  19. SuperGuard

    Declined Sneaky Medic's Ban

    Denied Due to lack of response.
  20. SuperGuard

    Invalid I got false guardbanned.

    Failure to respond will result in the appeal being closed.