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  1. Ray

    Invalid i was banned because i "freekilled"

    your ban should be over, you can add me on steam if there’s any issues with it
  2. Ray

    Pending Sly Copper's Second Application

    I'd support you if it wasn't for your chat logs stopping me. I see a lot of spamming of "furry talk" if that's what you want to call it, so you got spam and you got unprofessional behavior. Staff need to be careful with what they say in chat, even if it's not rule breaking you need to be a role...
  3. Ray

    Pending Application

    +1 app is alright friendly person Experience Improved from last app Active Worth giving you a shot Like to ask if you could go into more detail on your past administrator positions on TF2 specifically, as well what and when was your last administrator experience.
  4. Ray

    Make an appeal

    Make an appeal
  5. Ray

    Invalid can i get unbanned lol

    follow the template, and respond in detail.
  6. Ray

    more JB maps please!

    post some links to the maps please
  7. Ray

    2 New Rule Suggestions

  8. Ray

    Jailbreak - Cells Automatic Timer

  9. Ray

    Declined So I got banned for a "duplicated account"

    your story is common and unbelievable, even if true it’s your ip and we don’t tolerate any hacking on our servers. appeal declined
  10. Ray

    Hey, i got guard banned

    looks like you possibly got teambanned by a vip, if it still says you're team banned feel free to add me and I can work it out for you.
  11. Ray

    Pending --Wizard's Application

    -1 you're a very toxic person, your chat logs show many moments of you disrespecting players, some moments of chat spam, even couple moments of mini modding. I actually kind of want to give you a punishment with your chat logs, I'm not going to but at least consider it a warning. I think one...
  12. Ray

    Anime OP lyric translations

    Ok cewl
  13. Ray

    Yo im the fresh meat u wu

  14. Ray

    Declined I got banned for hacking and i regret it.

    Hacking is not tolerated on our servers, therefore we will not unban you. Appeal Declined
  15. Ray

    Accepted Racism, toxicity

    Players have been punished, thanks.
  16. Ray

    Read Me Jailbreak rules

    Update 03/03/2019: Due to a confusion, it has been specified that the top of box game on Minecraft of jailbreak is now a banned spot. As well, the admin room on the map Fuckzzz is banned as well.
  17. Ray

    Declined MY UNBAN

    hey so you were banned for saying the n word multiple times with player disrespect, and toxicity. Just try to ignore him and pretend he doesn’t exist. We have chat log proof of all your bans so they were all valid. You may appeal in the future, maybe take a good 2 months off to cool down and...
  18. Ray

    Invalid Body blocking using /friendly repeatedly

    for a valid report we'll need evidence, as well as a steam ID. Also you need to follow the report format. if you want to make reports of it happening at the time you should join our discord and go to report to staff
  19. Ray

    Are you guys Conservative or Liberal?

    I was liberal until Justin Trudeau became my prime minister